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  1. My good man, it's simply not possible. The frames aren't programmed for those characters, and using a gameshark to force them to do it simply locks up the game. Nice try...
  2. This isn't exactly a difficult boss (not even a boss, actually), but the most fun battle I've EVER seen HAD to be in Zelda 64. At some point, when you're adult Link, in the first dungeon (forgot the name... it's the forest one) you have to fight two Stalfos. I think that was the greatest swordfight I've ever seen! While I'm on the subject, I never fished the darn game. I'm stuck in the aforementionned temple at this point where you have to assemble 4 blocks together to make a ghost's picture or something. For some odd reason, when I slap 'em together, sometimes they don't move, sometimes they
  3. Oooooh, that's way back in my memory. Is he the one where there's the girl (which turns out being Arche) and all? He was one of the game's hardest bosses x.x I think he could summon some crap-ass thing that would deal ~500-600 to everyone in your party. Cheap. x.x
  4. While I won't comment on the materia system (I still think that's unbalancing, but it's been covered already...) I have to say that FF7 was truly unbalanced. As was 8, but that's not important. Four words: "Knights of the Round". ;P Ok, what thread is this again...? Oh yeah! I'd like to add a boss to the 'hard boss list'. An obscure little Squaresoft game, Rudora no Hihou, happened to be amazingly fun. I beat it, then tried to get through it with the lowest level possible. I don't remember what I had but beleive me, the last boss was hard. H-A-R-D. As in, "please make it so that his next att
  5. Oiii.. that was evil... just evil... The eyes kept coming. Then the spikey balls. The brains... agh... That boss wasn't a challenge, it was just... hell! x.x
  6. That wasn't a challenge, that was just dumb... Anyone can make a game and throw in a boss with the max amount of hp and best spells in the game. Even so, it was easy to take Emerald down if you had KotR
  7. Ah... hard bosses... I don't remember too clearly my experiences with the earlier final fantasies. Oh well, looks like I'll have to play them again ^-^ Final Fantasy 6: This game was a joke once you got the offering and a genji glove. No hard bosses in here at all. Even Atma Weapon was easy... Final Fantasy 7: This game was a joke once you got KotR. No hard bosses in here at all. Final Fantasy 8: I have yet to see the game over screen. I beat the Weapon in the deep sea place in two rounds by using Squall's limit. It was so dissapointing... Final Fantasy 9: Ozma was a bit of a challenge, b
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