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  1. Hello OC Remix People! I am new here, but I like OC Remix at first glance, and I thought I would post one of my short VGM loops here that I made yesterday: Uku-Uku Island - Win (Newgrounds audio link) What do you think about it? It reminds me to Secret Of Mana a little bit. My main question is: Anybody know an online WAV player that loops seamlessly? Thanks for your help! (PS. If you credit me, then you may use this VGM loop in any kind of project you want, even commercial projects, but I'm interested in your project too, so please let me know about it! Thanks!)
  2. Flexstyle, Thanks for the FAQ link, I'll read it tonight! TheCharningRhino, I hope it is not only about luck In the past I did the same thing, but I just deleted all my music that has any material out of my own, so I will upload only my original sounds/melodies/music etc until I'm not 100% sure that it's OK to do that. I never did (intentionally) any illegal thing in my life, and I don't want to, but if I don't know the rules, they are still apply to me. I've bought all my VSTs and DAW, I want to be clear and clean about this remix "business" too before I do anything. I could calm down, if I knew I am OK with all the rules and law and similar annoying mindtwisting things like that.
  3. I thought the same a few months ago, but I started to read and ask around about this, and everybody says different things that confuses me a lot. Some people said that if you upload any cover or remix or similar type or music for free, it is still kind of not legal, because it promotes you (if it's good music, I guess), and free promotions will make money later, in the long term it is still making money using other people's material in my own remix/cover etc. Some thinks like that, and I am not sure what OC Remix thinks about this. Maybe I will try to read all the Policy-thing link that you linked for me (thanks!), but I thought it would be easier and faster to ask around in the forum. Thank you for your suggestion! Maybe I will try to ask an OC Remix staff about this.
  4. Thanks for your fast reply! My plan is simple: - Make some VGM remixes. - Upload them to OC Remix (obviously because I like VGM AND for free promotion reasons). Is this legal if I just do this? How does this work here on OC Remix? For ex. YouTube doesn't like covers/remixes/etc that doesn't have permission, I will get flags on my videos and any kind of alert messages from music publishers or maybe from Nintendo or whatever. Does this work differently on OC Remix? (But I just want to do for the love of VGM, and of course it is automatically a free promotion thing too, but I wouldn't make any music if I wouldn't share them to people.) So should I even bother with remixes at all, without permission, but giving them out for free?
  5. Hello Everybody! I am not new to VGM composing, but I'm new to remixing VGM, and new to this site too. So MY QUESTION is: Is it legal to make remixes of VGMs without permission? For ex.: How can I legally make say a Zelda VGM remix without Nintendo sueing me for not asking and because I don't have the permission of course? Thank you for your help! NOIZ Ctrl
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