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  1. This was actually one of my favorite games growing up. It was the only game I even had for my Dreamcast which I bought after it crashed and failed so hard. I loved the music from this game quite a bit so to see someone make a remix of it is pretty cool. Shenmue will always have a nice little spot in my music collection as will this delightful remix. Thanks for bringing something wonderful to the table.
  2. I wasn't too sure how much I'd like this one, never played or heard anything from Twilight Princess. I found this track to actually be quite fun to listen to. I try to keep an open mind though and glad I clicked on this one. I always get wary when I see dubstep in a tag. I enjoyed this one however. Thanks for your beautiful contribution, looking forward to more.
  3. I enjoy classical pieces and I don't comment as much as I should. I've also been gone for quite awhile but I always come back here to find some interestingly done reworks and pieces. I like how this piece opens up in the beginning. Slow and smooth and transitioning into the other instruments. I'd have to say this is probably one of my most favorite Zelda pieces I have heard on this page so far. Congratulations on a superbly amazing job. I hope to hear more amazing pieces like this. Not to say the other music on here isn't all great. I love all the work everyone does here.
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