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  1. Hello everybody here at OC Remix! Hi, I go by D-Ryl Mitchell, D-Ryl Vicious, Vicious, or "Vish" for short. I am looking for a place to where I can be free and accepted and it seems like OCRemix is the perfect fit for my two loves in life: Music and Video games. I am a 25 year old student with many interests and dreams of making a break into the music industry, game industry, or both. My aspiration is to become a professional record producer, or VGM composer, whichever comes my way first. There is so much I could say but I do not know where to begin, although I have been involved with music and games for practically my whole life, I could never find where to fit in as far as trying to work towards my goals and aspirations. I have done music since about the age of 6 or 7, in my elementary school music program. I decided to join the school band a couple of years later and that's where that begins. I started of as a percussionist because I always wanted to play the drum set. I had done that throughout my whole primary and secondary educational career, but around the age of 13 I started to dabble around in beat making on the computer. I started out doing hip hop but the musician in me lead me to use a lot of experimental sounds. I keep an open mind so I appreciate listening to a number of different genres. I also like playing games of course, because its fun like brain candy, hehe. Its like interactive movies and stories and other stuff. And I realized that the music in most games invoke emotions in me and keep me really engrossed and immersed in the game, like I'm actually apart of it. Years down the line after I slacked through most of high school, I finally made it to college, a very confusing and rough start of another chapter of my life. "What do I want as a career?" A question I am asked time and time again. I initially wanted to do game design, but my community college did not have a transfer degree to go towards it. So I went with liberal arts, so I could be able to do something with Japanese. That is something I have been on and off studying for a couple of years now. I started in my junior and senior years in high school and I decided that would be the first language I want to learn. I mean that place is video game paradise. Fast forward to now, Ive been trying to build an audience from my beat making, but to no avail, I do not know what I have been doing wrong for all these years but I could never find out why I could not build an authentic audience to my sound. I have just the passion to create and I would love to turn that into a living someday, but I don't know how, but I dream everyday and the love for music is what drives me. How ever me being a gamer I meet many other gamers and the community is great because theres all kinds of people you meet every where and you learn and interact with them and they are much more accepting than the hip hop community. So now I am combining my loves into one place, which is why I would like to produce music or compose music for games and/or moves. And I will be reinventing myself into a brand. I will promote myself as much and starting from scratch and work my way up. This is kind of a lot but thanks to all who read my introduction, I guess I will update on when all my sites and pages and stuff are complete, and I will be learning how to make my way around here and to make myself known through here. Thanks once again and have a great day!
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