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  1. Wow, thanks man! I honestly am, didn't expect so fast and extensive opinion, with time logs. I see now, that have much shortages and know my music program poorly. My remix is long and develops slow, because i like trance music, which cumulative moment is usually after 6-7 minutes. Just inspired by them, but i have in YT channel short remixes too. 4:07 this drums aren't new, i use this pattern in 0:26, but later the drums are quieter (i see now, that was bad move). 6:07 is very informative, i must diversify my work in the future, because actually i use simple schemes. Nasty rumbling bass (or vocal) is a good idea, variegates a soundtrack and gives an atmosphere. I will read topics in this link, certainly i'll find much infotmations. If i decide publish something else here, try to refine. Greetings.
  2. Hello and greetings! As you see, i'm new here. I like Classic Doom series very much and decided to do own music. I'm not a musican, create tracks from time to time in FL Studio, because it's my hobby. But wanna now, what kind of fault i do. What i can do better? "Endgame" Isn't my first remix, but i think, is better than others. Thanks for all feedback Soundcloud version: YouTube version: Oryginal: