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  1. Hello everyone! A long time ago, I played a game that was a lot like Mechwarrior, but with a more fun, simplified, battle royale setting. It was a seemingly little known game that kept the attention of me and my brother for hours. Although it had several perks, one stood out to me recently... the music. Sound tracks varied from up-beat electronica to heavy rock... and even a few which I could only categorize as wacky. The genres they came in were varied to a sizable extent for the player, who then was able to set which songs they want to hear, in a in-game mix track. The differing tracks and the way they helped change the mood in the matches really helped me to keep coming back. To this day, it is still remembered fondly by me and my older brother. I would really like to see those tracks, any really, get remixed. This is of course up to your artistic discretion, but I feel it might be worth a look, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring it up. Take care everyone, and I wish you all the best. -LilSheepie
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