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  1. Updated the OP - we're getting very close! There are two in-progress tracks left. If no one claims any more tracks before those two are done, I'll submit the album so as to get it out as soon as possible. If anyone else wants to do one, claim it soon and submit it by March 31.
  2. MelodYs and HarmonYs I'm very proud to announce that MelodYs and HarmonYs, an album for the Ys series that I previously coordinated and released independently, will now be re-released as an OCRI album! Director: preta Art: Fox English Mastering (initial release): Thennecan Purple = claimed Blue = in progress Green = finished Tracklist: First Step Towards Wars (Ys I) - DemonStray Feena/A Premonition =Styx= (Ys I and Ys III) - Jorito The Morning After the Storm (Ys: Memories of Celceta) - Ferdk Illburns Ruins (Ys III) - Simon & The Lampsmackers Mighty Obstacle (Ys VI) - M-H Beat of Destruction (Ys III) - HeavenWraith Holders of Power (Ys I) - tibone Tower of the Shadow of Death (Ys I) - Justin Thornburgh Oboro (Ys Origin) - Justin Thornburgh Temple of the Sun (Ys IV) - M-H Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys VI) - Stone McKnuckle feat. GameroftheWinds Sand Castle (Ys V) - psycosulu Crime and Punishment (Ys V) - SpoonyBard Termination (Ys II) - SpoonyBard Desert of Despair (Ys Seven) - Ivan Hakštok The Ruined City 'Kishgal' (Ys VI) - MasterJace Campanile of Lane (Ys II) - Justin Thornburgh A-to-Z (Ys VIII) - Mohmega A New Beginning (Ys IV) - Geeks and Guitars Trading Town of Redmont/The Boy Who Had Wings (Ys III) - Jorito Above are the tracks that were included in the initial release. Below are the tracks currently planned as new additions to the OCR release: Monstrum Spectrum - Aoki Katsumata Genesis Beyond the Beginning - granulated vacancies Steel Myself for Battle - MasterJace Goodbye, Adol - HeavyViper Unknown in the Dark - djpretzel I will adjust the track order for flow after all of the new tracks are submitted, so don't worry about that aspect. Any and all genres are welcome - I encourage you to choose something that plays to the strengths of your chosen track, whatever you consider those to be. The final deadline for submissions will be March 31 or when all claimed tracks are finished, whichever is soonest. If you're interested in doing a track, claim it soon!
  3. The album is complete, except for cover art. (Actually, it has been for some time now...) I'll post another update when it's released.
  4. Hello all, I have been working on organizing an Ys album to commemorate the series' 30th anniversary. I've been looking for people interested in participating, so I thought I'd ask around here. Here are the details: 1) The submission deadline will be December 5. It is not necessarily a hard deadline, but definitely do try to meet it. After this, tracks will be mastered and the album should be released about two weeks later. 2) We use a first-come, first-serve track claiming system. Just tell me what track you're interested in and I'll add it to a spreadsheet. 3) The finished album will be uploaded to my channel and made available for download upon release, and I will actively promote it in communities I think would be interested, such as ones centered around game music, Ys, and RPGs in general. 4) You may release or upload your track(s) wherever else you wish after the release of the album. 5) I would like for the album to include at least two tracks from each distinct soundtrack in the series. To be specific, that's at least two tracks from each of: I II III/Oath in Felghana IV: Dawn of Ys V VI Origin Seven Memories of Celceta/Foliage Ocean in Celceta VIII (includes all tracks from the original release and PS4 added tracks, as well as the unused tracks) You can see the current state of the claiming spreadsheet here. 6) Medleys are allowed. Tracks are not required to be from the same game. 7) While you're completely welcome to select any track in the series that's not already claimed, at the moment we are especially hoping to find people who will do new tracks from Celceta and any tracks from V to ensure there'll be at least two tracks per game. Finished tracks should be submitted to me in 24-bit, 48 kHz, -6 dB WAV for mastering. 9) You are more than welcome to do multiple tracks if you feel you are able, but don't attempt more than you know you are capable of finishing to your highest standard of quality. 11) The album name will be determined in the near future, and the art created soon after that. I've made a Discord server for the project to help coordinate things. Here's a link if you think it would be useful. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me, here or in PM!
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