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Found 57 results

  1. --STAFF – Project Creator: Thomas Neil Project Director: The Nikanoru Co-Director: DaMonz Assistant Director: DS394 Visual Artists: Geo-Dragon, Etzaen, Mike Ramanauskas Web Design: Starphoenix Project Email: ------- Current Remixers: The Nikanoru, DS394, TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Jay Thomas, Slimy, Trev, bLiNd, Starphoenix, CrimsonCobalt, Thirdkoopa, JulienMulard, HanktheSpankTankJankerson, M_Blacki, Etzaen, Siolfor the Jackal, Pichu's Dad, Katamari, Your_Face, XPRTNovice, YoshiBlade, Deedubs, CmacProductions Current Performers for Collaboration: The Nikanoru - male vocals, acoustic guitar DS394 - basso profundo (male vocals), piano, bassoon classic_gamer_76 - synthesizer Theory of N - alto / tenor saxophone Trev - violin Pichu's Dad - vocal, acoustic / electric guitar, banjo, clarinet, bass (electric), harmonica, alto / tenor saxophone HanktheSpankTankJankerson - all saxophones, flute, clarinet, electric bass M_Blacki - electric guitar / bass, synthesizer, drum sequencing JohnStacy - (French) Horn TSori - trumpet Audio Support / Sound Design: Pichu's Dad Jorito M_Blacki Katamari Your_Face Mastering Support Katamari Your_Face Quick Reference for project status or source track research: Project Overview --WHAT WE NEED— We are looking for the following support (thanks to Odai for swiping this idea from the Ocarina of Time project and thanks to Theophany for the original idea): *Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be. Brand new or experienced veteran, anybody who would like to take part is welcome. Voice Actors to bring life to the characters in our audio narratives. If you think your voice would be perfect for one of the available roles, drop us a PM or email! Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. Sometimes live is better, so anyone willing to lend a hand to a fellow musician short an instrument or skill would be appreciated. Sound Designers/Audio Support interested in mixing and sound design for the project. Ideally, we would like folks who are willing to provide support and/or collaboration with Remixers who are new or inexperienced at mixing. Mastering Support for bringing the final WAVs into coherency and giving the final touches to tracks before final submission. I have no experience mastering and so I'm asking for someone(s) who is(are) willing to dedicate a little time (okay, a lot of time) to help us get the album through one of the final hurdles. Anyone who is interested in helping in any one of these areas, please let me know. --ALBUM CONCEPT— First, a special 4-Arwing salute goes to Thomas Neil, who originally came up with the idea of building a Star Fox album in time for Star Fox’s 25th anniversary. He would have been the director for this project, but life became more complicated for him, so he was unable to give the project the commitment he thought it deserved. I thought it would be a shame if this one-only timing for the album fell apart, so I volunteered to bring his idea to light. I have always believed that Star Fox is the flight simulator for everyone who doesn’t like flight simulators. I remember playing the first game, years ago, and being fascinated with the SUPER HIGH TECH 3D POLYGON GRAPHICS, the ‘smooth’ play control, and the choice of different routes to take to reach the final goal, depending on the difficulty chosen. I’ve played other flight simulators, but none have given me the same thrill as Star Fox. Seven games and almost 25 years later, Star Fox has become a respected Nintendo franchise. To commemorate Star Fox’s 25th Anniversary, we are putting together a tour through the Lylat System from Corneria to Venom to give this Solar System a little bit of the Star Fox experience. We have a goal to put together a two disc set with 14-17 songs per disc, featuring a showcase of the music we would hear flying around as Fox McCloud. All tracks from all games are open and there are no genre restrictions. The deal for the album concept is one track per area on a course between Corneria and Venom. One exception to this is tracks from Star Fox Adventures. A maximum two tracks can be claimed from this game, as I don’t want the listener to spend too much time on Sauria; that being said, if we get more, we may accept them as bonus tracks. --AUDIO TRACKS-- To add a little spice to our journey through the Lylat System, we have put together a series of audio tracks throughout the album to guide our listeners a little closer to the Star Fox experience. We are gathering talented voice actors to play the main characters from Star Fox as they fly through the Lylat System, growing closer to the final goal of reaching Venom to battle Andross. If you're interested in voicing a character, let us know! Audio Project Team The Nikanoru classic_gamer_76 TheChargingRhino YoshiBlade Cast List Fox McCloud: (TBA) Falco Lombardi: Slippy Toad: Purple Perpetrator Peppy Hare: Krystal: TheChargingRhino General Pepper: The Nikanoru Wolf O'Donnell: classic_gamer_76 Leon Pawolski: Pigma Dengar: Andrew Oikonny: Andross: The Nikanoru --CURRENT TRACKLIST-- Red = track claimed, no WIP (0% overall) Purple = draft WIP submitted (1%-49% overall) Orange = substantial WIP submitted (full arrangement, 50%-90% overall) Blue = finished WIP submitted (only mix/master left, 90-99% overall) Green = Final WAV submitted (all done, 100%) DS394 feat. Jay Thomas - Opening Theme - Star Fox 64 - Lylat Legacy Katamari - Title Theme - Star Fox - ??? Trev - Menu Select/Stage Clear - Star Fox 64 - ??? TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Pichu's Dad - Records 1 - Star Fox 2 - Cornerian Hall of Fame TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, DS394, The Nikanoru - Corneria - Star Fox - SCRAMBLE CmacProductions - Attack Carrier (Corneria Boss) - Star Fox - ??? **Audio 1: All Ships Check In HanktheSpankTankJankerson - Asteroid Belt or Meteo - Star Fox 64 - The Boost DS394, OC Choral Group - Sector X - Star Fox 64 - ??? JulienMulard - Aquas - Star Fox 64 / Command - Submarine Bio-Warfare Titania - Star Fox **Audio 2: Pigma's Message Katina - Star Fox 64 Fortuna - Star Fox Etzaen - Eladard - Star Fox 2 - ??? Boss C **Audio 3: Distress Call Cole Train, DS394 - Sauria - Star Fox Assault - ??? classic_gamer_76, Slimy - Inside Krazoa Palace (Sauria) - Star Fox Adventures - ??? Starphoenix - Boss B - Star Fox 64 - Laser Light Showdown **Audio 4: Beware the Black Hole Disc 2 - Venom The Awesome Black Hole Sector Y - Star Fox 64 Deedubs - Space Armada - Star Fox - ??? Pichu's Dad - Meteor Base - Star Fox - ??? **Audio 5: Against Star Wolf CrimsonCobalt - Star Wolf - Star Fox 64 - Can't Let You Do That! Zoness - Star Fox 64 Starphoenix - Macbeth - Star Fox - Cyber Warfare Siolfor the Jackal - Sector Z - Star Fox 64 - ??? YoshiBlade - Boss A - Star Fox 64 - ??? **Audio 6: Approach to Venom Bolse - Star Fox 64 Thirdkoopa - Area 6 - Star Fox 64 - Contemplating the End Slimy - Venom Orbital / Venom Base - Star Fox - Surprise! It's a Secret Backdoor Invasion bLiNd - Phantron (Boss) - Star Fox - ??? **Audio 7: The Final Confrontation XPRTNovice - Andross (Brain) - Star Fox 64 - ???? **Audio 8: Job Well Done Slimy - various Star Fox themes - Star Fox, 64, Assault - Ode to Star Fox Bonus Tracks Out of This Dimension? ***Please note that a WIP is now required for new claims*** --DEADLINES— First Deadline: January 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Second Deadline: April 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Third Deadline: July 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Fourth Deadline: October 15th 2017 - CLEAR Fifth Deadline: January 1st 2018 - CLEAR Sixth Deadline: April 1st 2018 Deadlines will roll in a three month rotation, with check-ins and WIP submissions required. The first deadline for this project will come on January 1st, 2017 and every three months thereafter. This should give Remixers plenty of time to build and show off their MAD SKILLZ, but still keeps this album on a steady timeline. Keep in touch – if you are in regular contact with us, then the deadlines are nothing to be concerned about; however, we need to keep the timeline moving. If you make a claim you can’t fulfill, we would much rather you tell us then wink out of existence on us. If you haven’t submitted an update or haven’t spoken with any of us by the time we reach a deadline, please get in touch with us ASAP; if we don’t hear from you within two weeks after deadline, we will have to release your claim. ---------- ALL SHIPS CHECK IN AND PREPARE TO SCRAMBLE!!
  2. This is a Tribute Album to FFVI Music, featuring all the songs from the Original Soundtracks, rearranged and interpreted by 71 musicians from the Pixel Mixers Community! 58 songs, for 3h 25min of music This album features 3 “discs” called “Esper“, “Super Sanity” and “World’s Requiem“. We decided to share the songs in a way to create some “narrative arcs” between the songs, so the order is different from the OST. If you want a taste of our album before downloading, here is a trailer: Or if you want to learn more about it, here is the article on our website: It's also directly downloadable here:'s+Requiem+[Final+Fantasy+VI].zip Hope you'll like it, OCR Senpai!
  3. Fortuan

    album Monster Hunter

    So here's my thought, I've not seen any Monster Hunter music here and I'm a HUGE fan of Monster Hunter. I've been a mod of R/MonsterHunter for 5 years and a member it's full 7. I also run a Podcast Hunter's Hub so here's my proposal... I want to see a full remix album. I know it's a LOT but I think it would be really neat to see some kind of collaboration for a HUGE series with not a lot of musical appreciation outside of Japan. So my thoughts are an 11 track album that spans the 4 at this point generations of Monster Hunter with the 5th on the horizon Track 1 MH 1 the beginning -> Track 2 the Rathalos (battle) -> Track 3 Tirgrex -> Track 4 Nargacuga -> Track 5 Lagaicrus -> Track 6 Zinogre -> Track 7 Brachidios -> Track 8 Gore Magala -> Track 9 Seregios -> Track 10 Glavenous, Mitsune, Gammoth, and Aastalos mashup -> Track 11 Monster Hunter World -> I hope someone can do this I think it would be really awesome even to just get a few.
  4. Cosmic Prism

    The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    The Anime Remix Album ALBUM UPDATE The Anime Remix Album will accept remixes from ANY Anime Based Video Game. The Anime Universe is quite large indeed. Giving artists a variety of sources to choose from (Much thanks to my Co-Directors for pitching this idea)! The Album as a whole will have 1 Opening song and 1 Closing song using the criteria listed below. Album Status: Deadline Period . Overview: This is The Anime Remix Album. The focus of this album is to bring attention to the amazing music that's in Anime Based Video Games. Some anime games can be seen as obscure, but by all means this does not mean that the music is any less awesome! The Anime Remix Album pays homage to the Anime universe. The album will also feature Unique tracks that act as the Opening and Closing Songs, which will be the albums version of the Anime Opening and Closing Songs that we all know and love. Director: Cosmic Sounds Co-Director: Tuberz McGee Co-Director: SkyRiderX Song Evaluator: DarkeSword Opening and Closing Songs: Must be a Vocal Track. Or a Cohesive Combination of Sources (2 or more sources). -Opening and Closing Songs can be claimed by anyone. Genre: There are no genre restrictions. The album(s) will be formatted into Editions; 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, Special Edition, and so on. This will also allow for the possibility of a greater variety of remixes. Check-In Dates 1. May 25th, 2018 [Status CHECK-IN] 2. July 15th, 2018 [STATUS CHECK-IN] 3. October 15th, 2018 [ALBUM ARTWORK STAGE] 4. December 30th, 2018 [FINALIZED WAV CHECK-IN] -WIP’s will be sent to the Director (Me). After which, I will immediately forward it to the Co-Director and the Song Evaluator. -Clearly Mark the messages containing the WIP’s, as this will help me forward it and respond to it more quickly and efficiently. (Ex: Bleach WIP; Naruto WIP; Etc.) Album Outline __________________ Album Goal: 16 Songs (Recruiting) - Opening Song: Naruto: Clash of Ninja Series - Various Main Menu Sources (SkyRiderX) - One Piece Grand Adventure - Skypiea [Angel Beach] (Guifrog) - One Piece Unlimited Cruise 1 - Iceberg Isle (DaMonz) - Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST - Password Menu (Timaeus222) - Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST - Preliminary Duels (Tuberz McGee) - Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Ancient Mystery (Malcos) - Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Crisis (Malcos) - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transfer - Ending Theme (Radiowar) - Dragonball Z Budokai: Wild Soul (Fungist) - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Over the Nexus - Five Stars (Amphibious) [WIP Extension] - Bleach: Heat the Soul 5 - Character Select & Bleach: Soul Resurrection Start Menu Music (Cosmic Sounds) - One Piece Unlimited Adventure - Silver Mountains (Damashii!!) [WIP Extension] - Naruto: Clash of the Ninja 4 - Hidden Leaf Gate Night (DarkeSword) [WIP Extension] - Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST - Seto Kaiba Duel (CmacProduction) - (OPEN FOR CLAIM) -Closing Song: Jump Ultimate Stars: Heaven's Strongest (Hunter X Hunter) & The Sign Leading to Greatness (One Piece) [Thirdkoopa] [WIP Extension] --------------- Expert Resources: -Mixing: Argle -Drum Programming, and Mixing & Mastering: Timaeus222 -Orchestral Production: Niefion -Male Vocals: Orangedragan -Male Vocals: Xarnax42 -Female Vocals: wildfire -Female Vocals; Soprano & Lyrics: Analea -Male Vocals (Baritone), Live Guitars & Ethnical Instruments: Tuberz McGee -Male Vocals, and Bass Guitarist: Furlias -Violinist: Chris|Amaterasu -Violinist: TeraCMusic --------------------- Progress: Claimed WIP Substantial WIP Completed Song Finalized WAV --------------------- Sigs: -These sigs were made for the Shonen Highlight and the Shonen Jump Album. -Interested in a sig, then feel free to grab one. -Big thanks to Doulifee! (Marik and The Winged Dragon of Ra)
  5. To quote DarkeSword's original pitch for the album: Here are a couple of YouTube playlists with examples of entrances and theme songs. Also here are some sample diva theme songs for female wrestlers. You may notice that the presentation isn't just a song and a walk-on when the wrestler is introduced at an event. There's usually an introduction of some kind: sometimes a different piece of music, sometimes some kind of cheesy action sequence, sometimes just commentator banter. So we'll be making two different versions of this album: One "clean" version with just the wrestler themes, and one "event" version with all that extra stuff. This means that if you want to compose a short intro remix (30-90 seconds) to go with your main mix, that's an option--and an interesting chance to work with a very short source and a total lack of transition. Director: MindWanderer Co-Director: Chernabogue Check-In Dates: July 31, 2016 Nov. 20, 2016 April 15, 2017 July 15, 2017 Sept. 30, 2017 March 31, 2018 ReMixers First, we need ReMixers! Specifically, we need remixers who can produce songs that would work as wrestler intros. There's a fairly wide range of potential genres, but they're all loud, powerful, energetic, and epic. The playlists linked above are non-exhaustive examples you can use as a starting point. Tracklist Ultimately, I'd like to have an equal number of "faces" (heroes) and "heels" (villains and monsters). Some monsters come in pairs (The Creature and Igor, the Mummies), and if we use any of them, each one should have a corresponding tag team of heroes; this can either be a mashup of two character themes, or a single theme that covers two characters (e.g. John Morris and Eric Lecarde of Castlevania Bloodlines). Villain/monster mashups are also possible, counting as a tag team. Same thing goes for female characters: each female hero should be paired with a female villain. We can work all that when it gets close to the end, though. Here's my wish list of wrestlers, along with suggestions as to theme music. The specific music source for each isn't necessarily set in stone, but it's my opinion as to what the most appropriate choice for them would be. If you'd like to go in a different direction, I'd love to hear it! Must Have: Theme Song of CastleMania: Vampire Killer (Wrestlemania Theme Songs Reference) Simon Belmont: Theme of Simon Belmont Alucard: Dracula's Castle and/or The Tragic Prince - @mikedm92 Dracula: Dance of Illusions - @Chernabogue Death: Evil's Symphonic Poem (optionally: Heart of Fire) Other Suggestions: Closing Song/Second Theme Song: I Am the Wind (Vocals required) Heels, Male/Neuter: The Creature: Den of Worship, Rising, and/or Demon Seed (or The Creature and Igor: Walking on the Edge) Golem: The Tower of Dolls or Stone King Golem Doppelganger: Riddle or Resonance of Malevolent Souls Galamoth: Galamoth's Realm, Robot Factory, or Curse Zone (Additional option: Crucial Moment) Olrox: Death Ballad and/or Dance of Pales Isaac: Young Nobleman of Madness Joachim Armster: Melancholy Joachim Walter Bernhard: Dark Night Toccata Brauner: Esquisse of Violence Albus: Sorrow's Distortion Heels, Female: Medusa: Cross Your Heart a.k.a. Crucifix Held Close (optionally: Stalker) Carmilla: Bloody Tears, Monster Dance, Dwelling of Doom, Repose of Souls, and/or Carmilla Elizabeth Bartley: Calling from Heaven Celia Fortner: Evil Invitation - @Ophanin Faces, Male: Trevor Belmont: Beginning - Moiré Effect (@SuprMelO and @bluumonk) Grant Danasty: Clockwork - @DarkEco Christopher Belmont: Battle of the Holy Richter Belmont: Divine Bloodlines Eric Lecarde: Iron-Blue Intention Nathan Graves: Awake Leon Belmont: Lament of Innocence Hector: The Curse of Darkness Soma Cruz: Castle Corridor Julius Belmont: Don't Wait Until Night a.k.a. Can't Wait Until the Night Jonathan Morris: Invitation of a Crazed Moon John Morris: Reincarnated Soul Faces, Female: Sypha Belnades: Mad Forest: @GCJ Maria Renard: Slash Charlotte Aulin: The Hidden Curse Shanoa: An Empty Tome (alternate version) Tag Teams: The Mummy Men: Wicked Child (or Akmodan II: In Search of the Secret Spell) Stella and Loretta Lecarde: Dance of Sadness Or any combination of two related heels or faces from the above Legend: Available Claimed Early WIP Substantial WIP Complete draft Final WAV So far we have a lot of rock/metal represented, and I'm not sure how many of those will include vocals (highly recommended), and just one confirmed rap. I'd also really like at least one Mexican-inspired remix (making one wrestler a luchador), one orchestral remix, and at least one explicit tribute to Xavier Woods (which includes funk, rap, and even EDM). Female wrestlers' themes are typified by female vocalists, either rap or heavily autotuned. More rap would also be great. Posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixers can just make a claim and dive right in. Anyone else, I'll need an audition of your most best, most appropriate work for the style we're looking for. Collaboration Resource List Anyone interested in collaborating, let me know what you want to do and I'll put you on the list. Electric guitarists and vocalists are especially needed. Electric Guitar: @HeavenWraith, @Tuberz McGee, @Cyril the Wolf, @Laarx Acoustic Guitar: @Cyril the Wolf, @Laarx Vocals (male): @Cyril the Wolf Vocals (rap): Wanted Voice Actors For the "event" version of the album, we'll need some voice actors. At the very least, we'll need 3: an announcer and two commentators. The wrestlers can, optionally, have monologues during their own songs, or dialogues with their opponents. We'll recruit for these when all music is at least at the substantial WIP stage Mastering Kind of goes without saying, but not without doing. Somewhat more involved in this than in most albums, since this person will be responsible for layering on the voiceovers and any audience effects. Art In addition to front and back cover art, I'd really like to have character art of each of the wrestlers. My personal vision is that none of the wrestlers actually be monsters, just actors dressed up like them, or even just vaguely related to them thematically. Real pro wrestling has wrestlers like "The Rock," "The Snake," and even "Boogeyman," so having monster names seems perfectly appropriate.
  6. After several of my friends got me into Final Fantasy XIV, I fell in love with the game so hard that I've been playing pretty regularly for a year and a half straight now. The game has an incredible soundtrack, with over 400 songs, and I wanted to see an OCR album for it. Of course, 400+ songs is insane, to the point where this game has a legit Guinness World Record for the most original music in a video game. With that much music, and since XIV isn't the cultural touchstone something like VI or VII is (WHICH IS A TRAVESTY), I couldn't guarantee I'd be able to get enough interest in this for even the standard four-disc type OCR album. So instead we're going for a smaller, targeted idea here. The concept is simple: an album specifically for the area themes of the game. This includes city-states, towns, villages, the various zones you travel through, etc. I'm hoping to direct a sequel album in the future centered on battle/dungeon/boss/primal/raid/PVP themes, but let's see how this one does first. If you're interested, please look through the list of 47 potential sources below (cut down from my original list of 120, lol), complete with YouTube links, and if anything jumps out at you and you'd like to remix it for the project, let me know! Everything on a single line uses the same basic source for several in-game remixes, so I've listed them together, and you'd basically be claiming that one "melody" for a single remix, so to speak, rather than three or four different songs. If you're familiar with the XIV soundtrack and actually want to remix a source not in this list, and it's an area theme like the rest, then also let me know. I would like to see this released within a year, but I do not currently have any specific deadlines in mind otherwise. I'll decide that down the line, once I see how many people are interested in the project. Legend --- Purple - Initial WIP complete Blue - Significant WIP complete Green - Done ---------- 1.0 Navigator's Glory Freedom On Windy Meadows/Saltswept (ARR) - claimed by Furorezu Born of the Boughs Whisper of the Land Emerald Labyrinth The Twin Faces of Fate - claimed by Ridiculously Garrett Twilight over Thanalan Widdershins Unspoken Tears for Mor Dhona ---------- A Realm Reborn A New Hope/Sultana Dreaming - claimed by Manji To the Sun - claimed by Earth Kid I Am the Sea/A Sailor Never Sleeps On Westerly Winds Ruby Sunrise - claimed by John Stacy Wailers and Waterwheels/Dance of the Fireflies Serenity - claimed by Darangen Greenwrath The Waking Sands Fealty Frontiers Within/Reflections Intertwined/Silver Tears Crystal Rain Thicker than a Knife's Blade The Edge ---------- Heavensward Solid/Nobility Obliges/Night in the Brume/Nobility Sleeps/Hallowed Halls - claimed by OA Against the Wind/Black and White/Descent - claimed by DaMonz Lost in the Clouds/Close to the Heavens/Like a Summer Rain Coming Home/Heavy Rain Painted Foothills/Painted Skies/Slumber Eternal - claimed by Jake Meacham Landlords/Skylords/Roar of the Wyrm/Apologies What is Love Missing Pages/The Silent Regard of Stars/Poison Ivy Paradise Found/Homestead The Mushroomery Order Yet Undeciphered/Unbreakable/He who Continues the Attack/Unbreakable (Duality) ---------- Stormblood (songs that don't yet have official OST titles are in brackets) Beyond the Wall/[The Fringes Night]/Their Deadly Mission Keepers of the Lock Impact/[Rhalgr's Reach Night]/The Measure of Our Reach/The Measure of His Reach/[Good Tidings]/[The Royal Menagerie] On High/[The Peaks Night]/[Castrum Abania] Crimson Sunrise/Crimson Sunset/Deception - claimed by Thirdkoopa Liquid Flame/Westward Tide/The Open Box/Down Where Daemons Dwell Indomitable A Father's Pride/Mother's Pride/[Doma Castle] Drowning in the Horizon/He Rises Above/Most Unworthy Songs of Salt and Suffering/[The Lochs Night]/Liberty or Death/Far From Home
  7. Hello friends and music lovers! A search of the Google has brought me here. I'm in the process of setting up my Kickstarter for my TCG. A project which has been in the works since about 2005 as a college project: Warriors of the Crystal. It's a loving homage to JRPGs like Final Fantasy with a job-based three party battle system to duel with others. Think if you put Final Fantasy and Magic the Gathering into a blender. (It's not THAT simple, but you get the idea.) Part of this whole thing is the lore behind the game, which includes a book and the soundtrack to the book. I already composed the soundtrack, which is based off classic Final Fantasy music, and I think it's pretty great. What I would like to offer my backers is something a little extra special when it comes to the music. I'd like to give them a second album, which is a remixed/arranged album of the music. That's where this great place comes to play. I would like an artist or artists to recreate the soundtrack in their own style, way, or whatever. I only have a few rules: It should be recognizable as the original song via melody or whatever. No vulgar language (Tryin' to be family friendly here. A damn or a hell is fine, but let's not drop the big bombs, please.) Titles are flexible, as they should be for remixes, but at least allude to the original title. Have fun and roll with it. I trust you all to do good work. (After all, that's why I'm here, right?) My music already is a mix of orchestral, choral, rock, and whatnot. (How much I would love to hear my final boss musics played with a real guitar. I could scream with glee.) But I digress. I want this to album to be as part of the lore as the original one. I will be able to pay, however, the problem is this all comes out of my paycheck. I'd love to pay all what this is worth, but at the moment I need to pay rent and eat, so my budget is shoestring at best for this. Here's a few of my favorites on the original soundtrack: Overworld ~ Our Grand Adventure Battle: Deos Alumantai The Corrupted Deos Temple Final Battle II: Savage Ambitions If you're interested, let me know. If you have questions, let me know. I'm willing to provide any more additional information I may have forgotten above, but I think I covered what I needed to. I hope you all at least enjoy the music, and have a fantastic day!
  8. 18 tracks, 30+ artists. Check it out on... Hey guys! This FREE album is an international collab released p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ two weeks after the Quake II 20th anniversary! It covers (almost) all of the soundtrack to both the original game and the expansions, originally composed by musical mastermind Sonic Mayhem. Check out the team page on the website for a bunch of sexy pics and info about the team. If you buy the album on bandcamp, the money will be going to a charity supporting music education in public schools. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. And here... we... GO! With Dyne having officially stepped down from this project, we're starting a new chapter in this long-running album series' life. No, it's not going all death polka or grunge barbershop quartet, it's simply been put under my watchful eye. And what that watchful eye saw was that we kept having one of two things happen. Either 1) it was started two months before the deadline and people had to cram work in for it, or 2) they had so much time that they kind of forgot about it. So, we're trying a middle ground this year. And what better middle ground than July, the month that retailers love to have a second Christmas in? Yes, while 2 months was awfully short notice and a full year made it slip peoples' minds, I figure a good five months might be about the right amount of time. Guess we'll see, huh? This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, a few details... When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2017 at 11:59 P.M. EST. This is now a REALLY hard, non-negotiable deadline, since it's very close to Christmas. We've had lots of last-minute entries and updates over the years and, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't be that way. With months of time, having to hold off as long as possible for people made things pretty hectic for myself and Dyne in the past, between updating the artwork and getting everything uploaded. Treating this project like a college paper that doesn't get worked on until the last minute got annoying rather quickly when it kept adding up to lots of hurrying year after year. As such, you have until one minute before midnight EST on December 20th to get me the final WAV or MP3 of your song. After that, you're shit outta luck until next year. I need time to do everything, including possibly make a little website to host this one if Dyne isn't online for one reason or another. So this deadline's set in stone... PERIOD. What Information Does The Coop Need?- When you send me your final versions, I'll need what name you want to use (real or remixer handle), the name of your remix and the name of the song you're remixing (in case someone asks what this or that remix is from). Plus, if you have a website you'd like to pimp, supply that as well and I can add it to the MP3 tags. What Can Be Remixed?- Any song, really. Traditional Christmas carols, video game music, published music by a signed artist, music from TV/cartoons/anime... whatever gets your heart racing and into that Christmas spirit. This isn't an official OCR album, so you can draw from more sources than just VGM. Plus, you can take a non-Christmas tune, like the Main Theme from Space Harrier, Stage 6 Mission 2 from Metal Head, or I Defend STM from Truxton II, and turn it into a Christmasy one. So know that it's not limited only to songs that are Christmas-like to begin with. All that said, do keep in mind that if you want to submit your song to OCR later, you'll need to keep this site's guidelines in the back of your mind. But for this album, you can take it in just about any direction you want and get as crazy as you'd like (but please, no "Silver Bells" done in farts or something). How Long Can My Song Be?- As long as you want it to be. There are no restrictions on this, so whether it's 1:30, or 9:51 with a five minute guitar solo ala Metallica, it's all good. But again, if you want to submit your song to OCR later, keep their guidelines in mind. What Genres Can I Remix In?- Again, the door's wide open here. Rap, Metal, Pop, Piano-solo, Orchestral, Jazz, 8/16-bit, Barber Shop Quartet, A capella... it's up to you where you want to take it. What Format Should I Submit My Song In?- WAV and/or an MP3 of at least 192KB/s quality. I'll be tagging the MP3s and making MP3s from any submitted wavs, so you don't have to worry about that. But, if you'd like your website to be in the MP3 comments section, be sure to give it to me when you submit your song. How About A Little Music To Get Us In The Mood?- To help everyone along, here's a YouTube list of Christmasy tunes made by Ocre a number of years ago... But remember, not all famous Christmas tunes are upbeat and cheerful. There are some that are more somber or haunting in tone, so you have more moods to play with than happy happy joy joy. What's The Website's Address Again?- It's got a new home at... This album will still be download there as well, as Dyne will continue to host the albums on his site. How Do We Contact This The Coop Person?- If you've got questions, comments, concerns, or your track is done and ready to be sent to me, you can PM me here on OCR, or send me an E-mail at So yeah, there we go. You've got over five months to get something done for the lovely people of OverClocked Remix and the millions of listeners around the world who've become followers of our project. Good luck, have fun and make everyone some Nice Work™! Artists involved thus far... The Coop (director, cover artist and remixer) JohnStacy (remixer) wildfire (remixer) Ronald Poe (remixer) HoboKa (remixer) Ridiculously Garrett (remixer) Skull (remixer) PlanarianHugger (remixer) TheChargingRhino (remixer) Yannic Geerts (remixer) Earth Kid (remixer) CelestialSonata (remixer)
  10. Hello fellow ReMixers and OCR Community! I am pleased to announce the release of my third album Validation Paradigm. Clocking in at just over an hour (16 tracks) my third album encompasses themes of self-awareness and self-improvement while musically it is inspired by 70s and 80s synthpop/rock, VGM and EDM. Listen/Buy Link: Summary of the album's message: Validation should come from doing things that make the world a better place and which would in turn make you feel good about yourself and thus validated. We must always seek validation from ourselves first and then from others. This is the core principle of my third album Validation Paradigm. Because every track is devoid of lyrics each track title represents an action or a concept of Validation Paradigm’s core principle. After validating ourselves the validation from others must come through positive actions such as giving, supporting, understanding and appreciating. Let’s all accept and support each other’s unique individual identities. Validation is not about agreeing but about understanding. That’s all someone needs to be validated. Enjoy and Happy Holidays Everyone!
  11. Hey everyone! So I'm a puppeteer, artist, novice composer and animator. Christmas is just around the corner and I had an idea for a stop motion animation based around one of the most underrated Rare games of all time: Grabbed By The Ghoulies. With a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope: Playlist: The idea came to me when I was thinking of simple animations. I remember a while back they had Ron Swanson doing the "Yule Log" so I though doing a claymation of the game's final boss Baron Von Ghoul in a similar thing but call it the "Ghoul Log" accompanied by a compilation of the games best tunes arranged in the style of classic Christmas music. Its utterly bizarre and I personally think it would be hilarious to hear these halloween style tunes in such a merry way! The idea is to take these minor key songs and turn them upside down into a major key, sligh bell cacophony. Christmas music can vary in different styles. from orchestral, to pop, rock etc. So I encourage creative freedom. Not just instrumental but we could do some lyrical work too! I was wondering If anyone would want to collab on this? I can do all the album artwork, and obviously a stop motion with it too! I compose a tad of music too (NOTHING GOOD) so I can help with some musical ideas. I do write lyrics too. Some Ideas I had are: an orchestral overture medley, in the style of those Rankin Bass main title sequences of the Grabbed By The Ghoulies main theme The Ballroom Disco in the Style of Jingle Bell Rock The final boss fight (Red Baron 1 and 2) arranged in a lyrical song in the style of Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsman. Here are the best tracks in my opinion: The Main Theme Pause/File Select Skeleton Battle Haunted Coat Zombie Pirates Ballroom Disco Criven's Quarters Red Baron 1+2 I think 8 tracks is plenty but I'm open to any changes. Ideally I'd like to get this done for Christmas. Its a strange concept but I think it would be awesome and hilarious! Anyone interested? Feel free to ask any questions!
  12. Looking for a hobby artist (or anyone who would just be willing to accept credit as payment and work for funsies) who would be interested in creating cover art for my upcoming multi-genre concept album dubbed "Dorian's Enigma", a story about a little girl who confronts the trauma experienced during the murder of her parents in her dreams. This is a passion project of mine that I have been working on for the last two-three months. If you are interested in the idea and would love help, feel free to PM me or reply to this thread. I set a deadline for the project to be released on December 15th of this year, so we should have plenty of time to create something awesome! I am excited and looking forward to working with you, thank you! Here are some sneak peaks of the album (no song is finalized and I know for a fact that I will be rearranging one of those songs): I will be sending you much more of the project once you reply and we work things out
  13. So around the net there are a ton of places that offer custom vinyl pressings and I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on which one is the best for record/sound quality as well as quality of the slips. I one day want to make music and put it on vinyl, but I want it to be of the best quality possible.
  14. I've been working on a new EP with lots of chiptune elements that will be releasing in December. I thought I'd share a little sample of it. The EP will be a mix of chiptune elements, acoustic piano pieces, ambient electronic music and analog synths. Hope you guys like it! I'll be updating pretty regularly on my channel as we head to release. Hope you all are having a great day!
  15. Hello all, I have been working on organizing an Ys album to commemorate the series' 30th anniversary. I've been looking for people interested in participating, so I thought I'd ask around here. Here are the details: 1) The submission deadline will be December 5. It is not necessarily a hard deadline, but definitely do try to meet it. After this, tracks will be mastered and the album should be released about two weeks later. 2) We use a first-come, first-serve track claiming system. Just tell me what track you're interested in and I'll add it to a spreadsheet. 3) The finished album will be uploaded to my channel and made available for download upon release, and I will actively promote it in communities I think would be interested, such as ones centered around game music, Ys, and RPGs in general. 4) You may release or upload your track(s) wherever else you wish after the release of the album. 5) I would like for the album to include at least two tracks from each distinct soundtrack in the series. To be specific, that's at least two tracks from each of: I II III/Oath in Felghana IV: Dawn of Ys V VI Origin Seven Memories of Celceta/Foliage Ocean in Celceta VIII (includes all tracks from the original release and PS4 added tracks, as well as the unused tracks) You can see the current state of the claiming spreadsheet here. 6) Medleys are allowed. Tracks are not required to be from the same game. 7) While you're completely welcome to select any track in the series that's not already claimed, at the moment we are especially hoping to find people who will do new tracks from Celceta and any tracks from V to ensure there'll be at least two tracks per game. 8) Finished tracks should be submitted to me in 24-bit, 48 kHz, -6 dB WAV for mastering. 9) You are more than welcome to do multiple tracks if you feel you are able, but don't attempt more than you know you are capable of finishing to your highest standard of quality. 11) The album name will be determined in the near future, and the art created soon after that. I've made a Discord server for the project to help coordinate things. Here's a link if you think it would be useful. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me, here or in PM!
  16. Info Here:
  17. Introduction For the past few years I have been working on an arrangement album of music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and it is finally complete! It features 12 songs of metal/rock covers of various themes and songs from the original score. This is a FREE, non-profit album and is not affiliated with Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, Reprise Records, Howard Shore, Peter Jackson or anyone else related to the original score of these films. Links/Social Media Album website - Download on Bandcamp - (various sizes/formats) Download on Dropbox - of the Metal (84.9MB MP3) Facebook Page - Follow on Twitter - Video Playlist
  18. Light_of_Aether

    Metroid: Orchestral Fusion

    Hi! I'm the lead reorchestrator of Metroid Reorchestrated (MREO) and I'm recruiting for a reboot/revival of MREO. This reboot will be called Metroid: Orchestral Fusion (MOF) and will be a fusion of orchestral and electronic elements. We're moving beyond just orchestral because a lot of Metroid music incorporates electronic elements that are incredibly difficult or impossible to replicate with orchestral instruments. The overall goal of this project is to arrange/remix every Metroid song from every game. If I can find enough talented, passionate individuals (6-7 people besides myself) we will start with Metroid Fusion. The goal of the album would be to arrange/remix every song as if Fusion had released in 2015 on the 3DS. So essentially a high-definition audio upgrade with some original music/embellishments. Tracklist: Please let me know via PM or reply which track(s) you want to do. Title - DarkDjinn Sector 1 Environmental Sound (Silence 1) Environmental Sound (Tension) Environmental Sound (Shock) Facing a Huge Reaction - Light_of_Aether Tension Before a Confrontation Vs. Arachnus - DarkDjinn X Invasion Detection Navigation Room Vs Fake Chozo Statue Environmental Sound (Disquieting) Sector 2 - Chernabogue Vs. Cyclops Environmental Sound (Silence 2) Sector 4 Aquatic Level Control Zone Vs. Serris - DJ Galvanization Sector 3 Vs. B.O.X. Sector 6 SA-X Appears Sector 5 Low Temp Area Sector 3 Emergency Situation Sector 3 Restart the Cooling Unit Timer Mission Environmental Sound (Intrigue) Vs. Mother Plant Vs. Nightmare - Chernabogue Sector 4 Underwater Area Vs. Ridley - DJ Galvanization The Final Command - Coaltergeist Vs. SA-X Station Escape Timer Mission Epilogue (Part 1 and 2) Ending/Credits Appearance Jingle Get Item Jingle SA-X Chase Timeline: Get team together and begin working by mid-August - Still taking team members! Have 4-5 tracks ready as a teaser for release on December 25, 2016 Release full album on November 17, 2017 for Metroid Fusion's 15th anniversary This project will be entirely volunteer-based. I'm looking for talented, passionate individuals who periodically spend some of their free time on making music. The capacity of your involvement would be arranging music, critiquing music, and making new electronic elements. Don't worry about deadlines. I'm working on my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and my research/coursework comes before any of my hobbies. It would be quite unreasonable of me to expect anyone else to meet hard, specific deadlines when I wouldn't meet them, either. If you would like to join, please either comment in this thread or send me a PM. If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to comment or PM me. Thanks!
  19. Last summer I had much more free time than I had ever had before. As a result I decided I would begin work on a youtube channel producing arrangements and remixes of video game music for (french) horn ensemble. I would write the arrangements, then record both video and audio, do editing, and have a video ready to be released on a regular schedule. Not long after starting, I decided that keeping a regular schedule would be more work than I could do as my free time would quickly run out. Quality was selected over quantity, and I would save these arrangements for future use, possibly on OCR. I wouldn't get involved with the OCR community until December of 2016. My first submitted remix to the site was a success, so I figured out I had found a home here. As a horn player, I've been told by so many people that the horn is a classical instrument, and it is not possible to play in other genres. I then proceeded to play professionally in a jazz ensemble, rock band, funk group, and other non professional ventures in other genres such as a gospel choir and mariachi band. I am not the only horn player who has done this. However, the view that the horn is a strictly classical instrument is still very common, and I believe that it is a very limiting viewpoint. There are many horn players who do not feel they are capable of venturing into new areas because they do not think it is possible, and there are many more who want to venture but are held back by teachers, peers, etc. I was told that I couldn't play jazz, a genre I was raised on, and the horn was literally taken away from me when I tried to play. They told me I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO play on trumpet or trombone, then when my skill level was so much lower than it was on my primary instrument, basically told me that I was no good at jazz. I want to contribute to the solution of this problem. My contribution will be a series of arrangements for horn in many genres. This is where the community comes in. As it stands now, I have 4 arrangements that are complete and awaiting recording, and others that are in various stages of completion. I would like to make a whole disc's worth of music, however I would definitely not object to having two or more. I am looking for collaborators on this project. What is the purpose of this project? The purpose of this project is to produce music with the horn as a central feature. One of the arrangements being recorded is a rock track. There are 8 horn parts, and a collaborator is recording guitar, bass, and drums. I recorded all the horns and programmed piano. The horns do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to presenting themes. The other instruments are primarily support, however they are invaluable for the end product. For a different track, it would be different, such as working with a vocalist. If that were the collaboration, they would be the primary feature, with the horns supporting. I am a little split at the idea of having a solo wind instrument other than horn as a feature, however I am open to suggestion. After producing this, there will be a body of work that can be referenced to say "Yes, the horn can do that, and yes you can do that too!" Or for arrangers, composers, or remixers to see what is possible and create new works inspired by this. What would be needed from a collaborator? There are two ways to contribute; as an arranger or a performer. Arrangement contributors would write the arrangements to be performed. Most of the work would be left to the collaborator, and I would edit minor details as needed for playability or effectiveness. Contributing as a performer could involve arranging as described above and also performance with the voice or another instrument. Performers would be highly encouraged to participate in the arrangement process to highlight their strengths. Non musically, an artist to design artwork for the album would be needed. What genres are possible? Many genres are possible. Due to the nature of the project, some genres are more difficult than others. For example, predominately electronic genres such as EDM or dubstep that are driven by synths would be much more difficult to keep the acoustic horn as a central feature. However, if those genres could be made to feature the acoustic horn I would be more than happy to oblige. I have performance experience in jazz, rock, funk, gospel, mariachi, country, and others, and have worked in even more genres not as a horn player, so gaining familiarity would not be much of a problem. I am looking at the London Horn Sound albums for reference. I am excited to work with people on this project, and am even more excited to see what can be produced!
  20. SNATCHER: THE SCORE FROM J.U.N.K.E.R. ATTENTION: June 6, 2017: First, my big fat apology to anyone affected. First started on the 25th anniversary of the original release of Snatcher, I was certain my personal busy-as-hell situation would prevent me from following this project properly, and I wanted to recruit and set up a staff before that happened. I failed miserably, and this ended up being put off for years. June 6 is an important date in Snatcher lore, and I decided I would stop the nonsense on this date. I have people to help me, and I'm actively recruiting, but bear with me a little while on claim status as I contact interested parties from before. I'm also available on our discord chats and willing to answer questions and take constant nagging (to a point, of course). My other projects related to Snatcher's music are on again as well, for those that know about it; if not, see the above video for details. Further clarifications are forthcoming within the week. “Let’s go, Metal!” PERSONNEL: José “Bronx Rican” Felix (Project Creator/Director); additional Staff TBA INTRODUCTION: The Cyberpunk Adventure that helped put Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima on the map: less a 'game' and more an interactive sci-fi 'noir', inspired by Hollywood storytelling, with a compelling tale influenced by (or “stolen from”, depending on your viewpoint) Blade Runner, Terminator and other films. Snatcher saw several releases in Japan, but also one exclusive English-language release that went largely unnoticed, but that I like to think is remembered fondly by everyone who experienced it. The original soundtrack is one of the early masterpieces from the Kukeiha Club (Konami's revered sound team), accomplishing cinema-style atmosphere out of FM synths. This album project is after the same thing, but on a much larger scale. CONCEPT: The operative word is "CINEMATIC"... any genre is allowed within the overriding vision: each arrangement should convincingly function as a score for a major motion picture. Naturally, this calls for a commitment to production quality. Anything emulating 60's-style library cuts to today's orchestral pieces will do, but ‘cyberpunk’ touches will probably help. Tunes can follow a more traditional song structure, like our established ReMixes, emulate opening titles, credits, montages, or scenes where music is being played (such as in a club), or serve as 'music cues' that act as a complement, establish a mood, and follow the action for whatever 'scene' the artist wishes to imagine. Some sources may be better suited to themes and some to cues; I intend to ensure the finished product will emulate a complete cinematic score, with a healthy variety of themes and cues. A large soundscape and a wide dynamic range is encouraged: the loudness war is not to be waged here unless it’s absolutely essential to the track. The following posted ReMixes are good examples of the album’s possible direction: | | | | | | | | | GUIDELINES: Claiming artists must show arrangement, production and engineering experience in the implied style, either as a posted ReMixer or with satisfactory works elsewhere. Only one claim for each source, so please commit. Incorporations of other sources can be done, but only if you have a good reason for it (as a sort of leitmotif, for example), and, as explained later, some incorporation may be needed. Any claim should include details about the arrangement’s concept/mood/direction to help me shape the album's vision: basically, answer the question of its hypothetical use in a motion picture. This is likely to reach a minimum of 100 minutes of music, so a maximum of 150 minutes gives a range consistent with a so-called 'two-disc' release, and also with a movie's soundtrack. No tracks will be designated as 'bonus'; either finish to your satisfaction or drop. 5.1 SURROUND REMIXES!: Furthering the 'cinematic' experience, I'd like many, if not all, of the finished arrangements offering a special '5.1 surround' mix as extra content. If any artists wish to have a surround mix, they may either do it on their own – if they are suitably skilled – or allow a volunteer with more expertise to have it done instead. Methods, formats, personnel and procedure have not yet been determined, and I appreciate feedback in that regard to help make the best decisions. I strongly suggest artists make efforts to keep from losing any important recordings, stems, samples and project files for their arrangement, in case the determined approach to 5.1 requires them. TIMELINE: Two possible release plans for this album include having it out ahead of the holiday season, which is relevant to the game's setting, or releasing on June 6, to correspond with the date of the “Catastrophe” depicted in the game. 'WIP' and 'FINAL' schedules are to be determined, but I will likely agree to let artists go at their own pace, yet check in once a month for progress, then will kick it up further depending on the amount of finished work. We will attempt maybe two to three years of music development. SOURCE TRACKLIST AND CLAIMS: See below. The majority of non-exclusive source tracks composed specifically for the first four Snatcher releases are listed. All versions linked to youtubes or files, along with a full mp3 zip, in order to appreciate the variations in arrangements. Each source's composition will be attributed to the platform of origin, unless specified by the artist. NOTES ABOUT SOURCE TITLES: Deep research has been done because of Konami's disgusting inconsistency with track titles for this music. None of the 'official' sources of info could be relied on fully, so I compromised and consolidated the titles as best as I could, in order to put away confusion for this album. It's impossible to come up with a standard that would be satisfactory to everyone, but I guarantee you will not find better, more accurate title 'guesses' anywhere else. FULL TRACKLIST MP3 ZIP LEGEND Determined Track Title~ ['A.K.A.' Track Titles <<Approximate English Translation>>] YOUTUBE or file links: PC88 (NEC PC-8801) | MSX2 | PCE (NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM²) | SCD (Sega [Mega] CD) | ZOOM (“Zoom Tracks” arrangement, some used in CD releases) A short track description for original context and/or guideline for arrangement Current Artist Claim, Status [early, progressed, substantial, completed] Bio Hazard ~ Snatcher [“PROLOGUE DEMO” (Bio Hazard_Snatcher); BIO HAZARD; BIO HAZARD (<<Catastrophe BGM>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | ZOOM The introduction, detailing history's deadliest disaster (the “Catastrophe”) and the 'body-snatching' menace occurring half a century afterward. Artist: timaeus222, completed Twilight of Neo Kobe City [“THEME OF OPENING” (Twilight of Neo Kobe City); TWILIGHT OF NEO KOBE CITY; TWILIGHT OF NEO KOBE CITY (<<Opening BGM>>)] PC88 | MSX2 The original opening credits sequence: Neo Kobe City, an establishing shot straight out of Blade Runner. Artist: Argle [tentative] Theme of Snatcher, Part 1 [THEME OF SNATCHER; THEME OF SNATCHER [PART 1] (<<Spinner Demo BGM>>); Theme of SNATCHER (PART 1)] PC88 | MSX2 | ZOOM (Unused) Gillian Seed's first day on the job as a runner, and he's called into action immediately, along with his 'navigator' and eventual sidekick, Metal Gear Mk II, to help his colleague Jean Jack Gibson track down possible snatchers. Creeping Silence [“PURSUER PART1” (Creeping Silence); CREEPING SILENCE; Untitled part of DANGER DANCE…& JUSTICE ALL (<<Intrusion ~ Shooting Mode>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD The first of the four main “Pursuer” tracks making up the bulk of the game's BGM usage, helping to create mood and build suspense. This track usually accompanies the establishment shot of a given scene. Criminal Omen [“PURSUER PART2” (Criminal Omen); CRIMINAL OMEN; Untitled part of DANGER DANCE…& JUSTICE ALL (<<Intrusion ~ Shooting Mode>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD The second “Pursuer” track follows our heroes after the investigation is fully underway. Pleasure of Tension [“PURSUER PART3” (Pleasure of Tension); PREASUR OF TENSION; PLEASURE OF TENSION (<<Intrusion ~Battle at JUNKER HQ>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD | ZOOM The third “Pursuer” tune is everybody's favorite. At this point in the investigation, 'it', as they say, is going down! Artist: Nutritious [tentative] Endless Pursuer [“PURSUER PART4” (Endless Pursue); ENDLESS PURSUER; Untitled part of PLEASURE OF TENSION (<<Intrusion ~Battle at JUNKER HQ>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD The fourth “Pursuer” deals mostly in aftermath, the result of an action or discovery. The protagonists are in “Okay, what now?” mode. Danger Dance... & Justice for All [“ACTION” (Danger Dance...and Justice for all); DANGER DANCE...& JUSTICE ALL; DANGER DANCE…& JUSTICE ALL (<<Intrusion ~ Shooting Mode>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Action sequence! Open fire with your Blaster™! ATTENTION: The following four source tunes feature variations on Snatcher's original “TITLE” melody - basically the game's theme song – heard in most of the important non-gameplay scenes. Any arrangements of each track must be as distinct as possible from one another. Theme of Snatcher, Part 2: Faded Memories [“TITLE PART3” (Faded Memories); AD 2042 NEO KOBE CITY; THEME OF SNATCHER [PART 2] (JUNKER HQ <<Arrival After Jean's Death>> BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE Theme of Snatcher, Part 3: Peace of Mind [“TITLE PART5” (Peace of Mind); THEME OF SNATCHER [PART 3] (ACT 2 Opening BGM); Theme of SNATCHER (PART 2)] PC88 | MSX2 | ZOOM Faded Memories: Theme of Randam [“TITLE PART2” (Theme of RANDAM); FADED MEMORIES; FADED MEMORIES (<<RANDAM Appearance BGM>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | ZOOM Theme of J.U.N.K.E.R. [“TITLE PART1” (Theme of JUNKER); THEME OF JUNKER; THEME OF JUNKER (<<To>> JUNKER HQ)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE Theme of Jaime [“JAIME” (Theme of JAIME); THEME OF JAIME; THEME OF JAIME (<<Jaime's Theme>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | ZOOM (Unused) Gillian exchanges pleasantries with his estranged wife Jaime (Jamie) over the videophone. Innocent Girl [“KATRINE PART1” (Innocent Girl); INNOCENT GIRL; INNOCENT GIRL (<<Katharine BGM>>); THEME OF KATHERINE #1 (<<Katherine's Theme 1 BGM>>) ] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Introducing Katherine (Katrina), the beautiful young daughter of Jean Jack Gibson; how young depends whether you cared if Selena Gomez or Hayden Panetierre were adults or not. Decadence Beat [“JOY DIVISION” (Decadence Beat); DECADENCE BEAT; DECADENCE BEAT (<<Joy Division Store BGM>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Joy Division, the store with everything, however odd or perverted... right up Gillian's alley. Kind of a 'Cantina' vibe in the source tune. Theme of Izabella, Part 1: The Entrance to Hell [“OUTER HEAVEN1” (The Entrance to Hell); THE ENTRANCE TO HELL; THEME OF IZABEL [PART 1] (<<Outer Heaven Club BGM 1>>); THE GATES OF HELL (<<Outer Heaven Club BGM>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE The Outer Heaven club, where VIPs come in masquerade to watch major stars shake their talents. Theme of Izabella, Part 2 [“OUTER HEAVEN2” (Theme of IZABEL); THEME OF IZABEL; THEME OF IZABEL [PART 2] (<<Outer Heaven Club BGM 2>>)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE The famous Isabella Velvet gives a description of a suspected snatcher, if Gillian can stop ogling long enough. Theme of Katherine, Part 2 [“KATRINE PART2” (Theme of katrine); THEME OF KATHARINE; THEME OF KATHARINE [PART 2] (Katharine <<Reminiscence>> BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE An embarrassing bathroom episode segues to an important clue, revealed by Katherine, to the location of the snatchers' hidden network. Spreading Diehard [“SEARCH LIGHT” (Spreading Diehard); SPREADING DIEHARD; SPREADING DIE HARD (Searchlight BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Metal's flashlight is needed while searching for clues in a pitch-black area of Queen (Queens) Hospital. Blow Up Tricycle [“BLOW UP TRICYCLE”; BLOW UP TRICYCLE; BLOW UP TRICYCLE (<<Runaway>> Spinner BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE Sabotage! Runaway-vehicle-with-no-brakes-do-something-before-we-crash!! Source tune's probably begging to be shredded in some fashion. Morg [“MORTUARY PART1” (Morg); MORG (Morgue BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD A nasty, yet important, find in a hidden area of Queen Hospital: the rotted corpses belonging to the snatchers' most recent victims. Restoration [“RESTORATION”; RESTORATION; RESTORATION (<<Corpse>> Restoration BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Metal Gear shines in a pivotal scene, scientifically uncovering the victims' identities. Artist: José the Bronx Rican ATTENTION: The following two source tunes cover two scenes depicting great, heroic sacrifice; the titles on both make it impossible to leave out spoilers. Each track's arrangement should distinguish itself from the other. Eternal Promise [“GOODBYE RANDAM” (Eternal Promise); ETERNAL PROMISE (GOODBYE RANDAM); ETERNAL PROMISE [GOOD BYE RANDAM] (<<Battle with Chin>> BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD | ZOOM Good Bye Harry: For Harry [“REQUIEM” (For Harry); GOOD BYE HARRY (Harry's Death)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE Beyond Sorrows [“EPIROGUE” (Beyond Sorrows); BEYOND SORROWS; BEYOND SORROWS (ACT 2 Ending BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | ZOOM Formerly the tragic epilogue, it's the closing scene of Act 2, the realization that our heroes are only just beginning to fight. ATTENTION: The following two source tunes accompany the original credits. There are similarities between them, so either two distinct ReMixes or one incorporating both sources are suitable. At nearly 20 minutes, the PC-8801's “Theme of Ending” was (is?) probably the longest original non-medley track composed for a video game. Nothing stopping an artist from approaching the same run time, but I will have album length considerations, so be careful. Master of Puppets Among the Disease [MASTER OF PUPPETS AMONG THE DISEASE (Ending 1 BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 Theme of Ending (We Have to Struggle for Our Future Against Our Doubt) [“THEME OF ENDING” (We Have to Struggle for Our Future Against Our Doubt); THEME OF ENDING; THEME OF ENDING (Ending 2 BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 One Night in Neo Kobe City [One Night in NEO KOBE CITY] ZOOM On the CD-ROM releases of this game, this track replaces “Twilight of Neo Kobe City” for the opening credits sequence. Artist: AngelCityOutlaw [tentative] J.U.N.K.E.R. HQ [n/a] PCE | SCD Business in and around the headquarters of “Judgement Uninfected Naked Kind & Eliminate Ranger” or “Japanese Undercover Neuro-Kinetic Elimination Ranger”, whichever sounds less silly to you in your native language. Kremlin: Moscow [n/a] PCE | SCD During Act 3, the truth about what happened in Moscow leading up to the Catastrophe. Kremlin: Elijah [n/a] PCE | SCD Elijah's tale of unrequited love, a “forever alone” kind of waltz. Kremlin: Sleep [n/a] PCE | SCD How cryogenic sleep pods, among other things, figure into the story. Act 3 Ending, Part 1 [n/a] PCE | SCD Metal comes to the cute, little, high-pitched rescue - and helps deliver Neo-Kobe’s final solution! Act 3 Ending, Part 2 [n/a] PCE | SCD One last heroic effort to save our protagonists, not to mention all of humankind. Tears Stained Eyes [Tears stained Eyes] ZOOM On the CD-ROM releases of this game, this track replaces “Theme of Ending” for the closing credits sequence. Instantly memorable. ATTENTION: These remaining source tunes are important elements of the original games that can't be arranged on their own, so I would like artists to consider incorporating any of these into their own works if possible. Squeak!! [“SNATCHER TITLE” (Squeak!!); Untitled Part of BIO HAZARD (<<Catastrophe>> BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE (also SCD) The chilling title logo sequence. Evil Ripple [“TITLE TELOP” (Evil Ripple); EVIL RIPPLE; EVIL RIPPLE (Telop BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE (Unused) The original telop music (titles for Acts 1 and 2). Sting Collection [n/a] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE/SCD The original game had one sting, usually following a horrible or life-threatening discovery. Starting with the PC Engine release, up to three more stings had been introduced. Merry X'mas Neo Kobe City (Jingle Bells) [“JINGLE BELL” (Jingle bell 2042); MERRY X'MAS NEO KOBE CITY (Altamira <<Arrival>> BGM)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Various arrangements of “Jingle Bells” had been used in the Altamira (Alton Plaza) scenes for every release. A ReMix of any of these is not allowed, obviously, but I wouldn't mind a small taste of “Jingle Bells” somewhere, to acknowledge the game's setting (the approaching holiday season). Virtual Image [“TRANSFORM RISA” (Virtual Image); Untitled part of CREEPING SILENCE ~ CRIMINAL OMEN ~ DANGER DANCE...& JUSTICE ALL; Untitled part of DANGER DANCE…& JUSTICE ALL (<<Intrusion>> ~ Shooting Mode)] PC88 | MSX2 | PCE | SCD Lisa Nielsen reveals herself, but not in the way Gillian would've wanted; another hollaback to Blade Runner. “DIE, Junker!!” Clue [n/a] PCE | SCD Starting with the PC Engine release, this jingle rings whenever a relevant clue or plot point is revealed.
  21. Hello, I am Reinhold from the Game-Art-HQ community. Back in 2015 we collaborated with OCR already and members from GA-HQ drew illustrations for the excellent Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart OCR Album. We are creating a couple of video game art tributes / collaborations per year and I thought it could result in something quite awesome if we can do another "Music & Visual Art" Project. I am writing this post because I myself am searching - Enthusiastic remixers that love the music of fighting games of the past and today - People that know what is important in a music piece and can basically do the judge part. I myself am a vgm addict since at least 1992 when I heard the timeless Guile theme for the first time in the SNES port of Street Fighter II but I believe that if we can do another collaboration, I leave the music part completely in the arms of the guys that are actually musicans. My idea for a Fighting Game Music & Art Project by OCR and Game-Art-HQ would be relative challenging and unorthodox for an OCR Album I guess. Fighting games are all about the fighting obviously. There are usually two characters beating the shit out of each other, and my idea would be to move this element into music tracks. In short, mashups. Ryu vs. Chun Li with elements of both characters themes in one track like they are basically fighting each other. Game-Art-HQ's Artists would come into play by creating illustrations of exactly those character matches. Including crossovers. Like if one of OCR's remixers has an excellent vision of creating a remix with Geese Howards theme with the one of M.Bison instead of another Fatal Fury or King of Fighters character, one of our artists would illustrate a fight between Geese and M.Bison. I think such a project should start relative small with a goal of 10 tracks. Ideal might be a mix of popular characters and games as well as to cover a few of the rarely remixed games. Each character should be a part of only one track, personally I would love to have 20 character themes of different games there. If you are familiar with fighting games, you know that a ton of them have excellent soundtracks, even if we go back to games like TMNT Tournament fighters or the earliest of the SNK fighting games like the first Fatal Fury or Art of Fighting. Here is a small selection of artworks that were created for Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations in the past, we have a ton of very talanted artists in our community that love video games and just as much as everyone here: These are artworks made for our Legend of Zelda Bestiary Project, our Fighting Game Boss Tribute and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary we celebrated last year with games like DK 64. Would be awesome to get a new music and art collaboration together, I am open to support other OCR projects as well ^^ Greets and happy easter days everyone, Reinhold Hoffmann
  22. Hey ya OC-Remixers! My name's Fabian Rastorfer and I'm the founder of Fabraz, the dudes behind Slime-san! Slime-san is a fast-paced action platformer about a slime that got swallowed up whole by a giant worm! Your goal is escape its innards, finding other survivors along the way, back out its mouth into freedom! It currently features 100k+ players on Steam and is coming to the Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in the Summer! The game features a KILLER chiptune soundtrack made out of 20 tracks. The composers involved are: Adhesive Wombat, Meganeko, Tiasu, FantomenK, Inverse Phase, Kubbi, Lumena-tan, Michael Miller, Mischa Perella, Saad Akter Ali and Carl Clark! Quite the all-sat team, ey? You can sample the soundtrack in this video: Youtube Or just give it a listen on Spotify! Here's where you, OCRemix, come in: I'd like to make an official remix album! One or two remixes for each track in the playlist. Claim your track and I'll provide you with the relevant file and add you to the list below. Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm - Richard Gould - 3:58 (Unclaimed) Mixtapeworm - Adhesive Wombat - 0:55 (Unclaimed) Slumptown Shuffle - Mischa Perella - 1:47 (Unclaimed) Slimy Success - FantomenK - 1:45 (Unclaimed) Wormhole - Adhesive Wombat - 1:39 (Unclaimed) Hit the Slime Note - Meganeko - 1:08 (Unclaimed) Instrumental Intestine - Kommisar - 1:33 (Unclaimed) Organ Donor - Mischa Perella - 1:50 (Unclaimed) Akiha-Worma - Meganeko - 1:13 (Unclaimed) Brain Beats - Tiasu - 1:31 (Unclaimed) Old Worm and the Sea - Lumena-tan - 1:32 (Unclaimed) Acid Trip - Mischa Perella - 1:57 (Unclaimed) Heart Trebbles - Kubbi - 2:25 (Unclaimed) Woodwinds - Adhesive Wombat - 1:50 (Unclaimed) Birdie Breakdown - Carl Clark - 1:04 (Unclaimed) Uvula’s Groovula - Inverse Phase - 1:49 (Unclaimed) Red Shadow’s Revenge - Saad Akter Ali - 2:14 (Unclaimed) Slime Crisis - Meganeko - 1:48 (Unclaimed) Tequila and (S)lime - Michael Miller - 2:04 (Unclaimed) Once the remix album is complete, I'll provide a unique website, cover art and download link for the entire internet to enjoy. What do you guys say to that? The entire team would be ecstatic to see what magic you guys can whip up!
  23. Released today is my first album, self titled Artificial Eye. The catch-all genre is synthwave, but it encompasses a range of cinematic soundscapes and melodic tunes. Available on Bandcamp Tracklisting: Love Locket [3:00] Flight of Apollo [6:43] What Awaits [5:57] Don't Feel Bad [4:38] Designer Perfection [6:47] The Babysitter [3:42] Vacation [4:29] American Dream [8:29] The Future We Are [3:45] Follow on Bandcamp Like on Facebook Follow on Soundcloud Please give it a listen and tell me what you think!
  24. Hey, guys. It's been a long time since I've been on this forum. I was making a remix for the this song way back in 2016. So far I've made two: I like the story to this game and decided I wanted to make a collab for it. I tired making a video for my remixed song, but my laptop when to hell while I was deployed. What I'm trying to achieve is remix versions of the song, though if you want to stick close to the original if you want to. As for deadlines or what ever, I'll want to end at the 18th or whatever. If you want to talk about it, you can PM me. So, here is the list( Colors, Red = Claimed, Purple = WIP submitted, Blue = Complted) Title Theme(DMTProduktionen) Stage Intro-(DMTProduktionen) Main Theme Stage Clear(DMTProduktionen) Run Caster In the Cave Final Stage Surprise Ending Theme Game Over I will look into a website where we can upload the files. Please PM me, cause I'm new to this. :}] If you want any help with your project, ask me or anyone else, and I'll gladly help. DMTProduktionen.
  25. Hello fellow ReMixers! I would just like to share my latest album Endless Time! Enjoy!