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  1. Hey... I don't know if you remember me, I joined back in '03. Finally came back to OCR. PM me if you get this. I'd love to catch up!

  2. Alright... now this is REALLY annoying. Criosphinx this and Criosphinx that. ARE YOU BLIND??? DO YOU NOT SEE THE YELLOW DOT THAT SIGNIFIES (surprise surprise) INNATE YELLOW!!!! Sorry 'bout that. But for future reference, just equip the Yellow Plate armor and make one of your chararcter totally invulnerable to the Criosphinx's every attack. It helps.
  3. Jeebus.... are me and Chorozon the ONLY ones posting the Tyrant dragon from BOF4?? You people don't KNOW boss ownage until you fight him. >_<
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