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  1. Well you were on the right track. Main mix in - headphones OFF ..... to use the headphones, I was just worried about knackering something. I think the headphones button is to monitor mixes back from the PC via the usb...rather than for listening to what you are playing. I appreciate your help, so many thanks.
  2. Thanks again. I have just found Behringers forum, just trying my luck there. We'll see....
  3. Thanks for the reply. W10 apparently automatically did a 'codec' update (whatever that is...lol) other than that nothing is stated. Tried all volume controls.
  4. I'm an old age codger looking for help from you young 'uns. I have an old Korg X3, an old Yamaha PSR450 and an electric guitar. I play and record purely for my own amusement. Up until now, I have used just one at a time but would like to use the keyboards together.... so I have purchased a Behringer502usb mixer. I expected to just plug the Korg from the quarter inch 'outs' on the Korg to the quarter inch 'in' jacks on the mixer but getting nothing through the headphones. Both keyboards function individually when plugged from the h/phone socket to the rca inputs on the mixer.
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