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  1. My favorite game! It's been a long time since I've played CT but i know the area your talking about. When I reached that point I'd always just try to sprint across. walking never worked for me. When sprinting, you will slowly slide down, so you have to be careful and try to keep to the middle of the path. Too high and you fall from the top, too slow and you fall from the bottom. Sprinting will get you across faster and kind of give you a baseline. Strategy to Try: Start near the top on the right and run straight to the left. Don't adjust up or down. You'll fall but, you'll know where to correct and move up to make it further. It can be a very frustrating point in the game, if you've not done it before and I've only done it with a Dpad or WASD on a PC emulator but it's very light adjustments up and down while sprinting left. If you're using a joystick, it'll be extremely slight adjustments up and down. Also, where the path dips downward, you won't have to adjust up or down until it levels out and goes back up. Hopefully this is helps. It's all trial and error. Good Luck to you and when you get past it (if you haven't already) Congrats!