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  1. I can't believe people are actually UNHAPPY with the chiptune part, at 0:43, that was, in my opinion, the best part of the song. For those who have played it, don't you remember hearing this song, and just thinking "WOW", because this was before the days of Chrono Trigger. I don't normally post here, I just download the mixes and read the forums, but when I saw that this song wasn't being done justice, I had to jump in and say something. There are plenty of good remixes on this site, but this is definitely my favorite. Sorry guys, but I had to chip in with my two cents again. The music you're thinking of from SM:RPG is actually there, but it was a camio from FF2/4, You remember the crystals from FF4, right? The ones you had to get to stop the end of the world? Yeah, in SM:RPG, you fight against them, as well as a monster which appears to be from outer space, and in FF4, you went to the moon...... Sorry, just had to say somethin. ~Lysander
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