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  1. Yeah it was done using a novation peak, which tends to produce a quite "modern sound" because of its clean digital oscillators and the digital effects section. I like the bass sound a lot, but i agree that it doesn't quite fit the overall sound of the track. I tried to stack it with a sampled e-bass (native instruments scarbee mm-bass), separating them with contrasting EQs and gluing them together with a slight distortion and a compressor on the bus. However, it somehow just didn't fit. So now i'm thinking: it's either adjusting the synth bass patch, or recording a real bass. What do you guys think? Any other alternatives?
  2. Wow thanks a lot for the very detailed and constructive feedback, i really appreciate it! I will upload a new version as soon as i worked on the track some more.
  3. Here's a remix that started out quite close to the original, then took a turn to the funky side around the middle Since i'm thinking about submitting it i'm looking for honest feedback about arrangement, production quality etc. And especially: is it too far from the original to be submitted here? What do you guys think?
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