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  1. THIS!...THIS!!! Is the reason why I keep coming back to OCR to find epic music to listen to before and after a hellish day at work... The melody, the atmosphere, the arrangement, and the over-all vibe you get from this track in general...screams unique! Regardless if you used bits and pieces of other melody's as such, you have to be creative with said pieces and what you have done is just that. Question remains, where did you get the inspiration to create such a track? The vibe I get from this track in general is that you either dealt with some hardship(s) or something traumatic took place in your life that you needed to just let go of...and the energetic spike @4:30ish, shows you're enthusiasm to move forward with your talent and become one of the greats! KEEP! IT! UP!
  2. I have to strongly agree, justice IS done to the original...very much so. The hype and downgrade in tempo as you say, is what really curves this piece properly. Then of course, there's the professional's statements and suggestions. #WordsOfOCRWisdom Epic job!
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