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  1. I like this tune, but it is a little old. I would like to hear a modern Genesis or otherwise electronic arrangement, or an orchestral arrangement. Something that keeps the same high tempo (some I have talked with wanted to try to use a lowered tempo). Modernized last boss music.
  2. I heard this while listening through Castlevania Soundtracks. I like the tune, but I would like an updated version of this the Game Boy track. Not so much as a remix as a remaster, to something one would create in a studio today. To make a comparison, to make Battle of the Holy from Castlevania Adventure on Game Boy (original Game Boy track) into this (modern remake to eShop) or even into this (full orchestral remake). If you are asking for a direction, I think the tune would work best as a "ominous situation character theme"; something that would play during a dialogue sequence (just like the
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