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Found 38 results

  1. A remix I made for the Pixel Mixers CV Tribute Album. Used the melody from CV2 Dracula's Castle theme and made a song. Complete with original lyrics!
  2. Hi! This is probably my best cover out of eight that I have put up on Youtube and Spotify. Having hard time finding any kind of audience/community to share these so I figured this is the place where I can find some video game music fans that give opinions and hints! I try to be pretty faithful to the original arrangements and bulid my own stuff on top of that cos' it brings my piss to a boil when you have a metal remix of some tune and it's just filled with double kick and djent without anything to do with the original arrangment. So there's my modus operandi, enjoy! Original:
  3. I heard this while listening through Castlevania Soundtracks. I like the tune, but I would like an updated version of this the Game Boy track. Not so much as a remix as a remaster, to something one would create in a studio today. To make a comparison, to make Battle of the Holy from Castlevania Adventure on Game Boy (original Game Boy track) into this (modern remake to eShop) or even into this (full orchestral remake). If you are asking for a direction, I think the tune would work best as a "ominous situation character theme"; something that would play during a dialogue sequence (just like the original).
  4. I finished another one of my emulation style remixes. All sounds extracted from the original games as separate channels using sound emulation, then mixed together/distorted/stretched/manipulated. Sounds are from NES Castlevania 2, Super Castlevania 4, SNES Dracula X, Castlevania Bloodlines, and Super Metroid. Source:
  5. Hello OcR's, I've made a weird combination of Vampire Killer from Castlevania I with a touch of Beginning (Stage 1) from Castlevania III and synthwave.
  6. Link to The Track: Source: Bloody Tears [Castlevania I], Monster Dance [Castlevania II], Bloody Tears / Monster Dance [Smash Bros. Ultimate] Description: Managed to make this before the Smash Bros. direct, I hope I don't end looking like a fool hahahaha Anyways, I liked how this arrangement ended, so I figured out it would be a good thing to get a review and try to get it into OCRemix, I hope you like it!
  7. Though it was meant to be sung by the fairy in the Playstation game, I always picture Sonia singing this lullaby to young Trevor at the end of" Legends" ! I also thought arranging the piece in the same style as A2's "Chosen One" might be a good idea -- tell me if it is Original: Remix (Instrumental): Feedback is welcome !
  8. YES ITS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES BUT... I wanted to have a go. Also Kenichi Matsubara is a beast.
  9. Hello again! Checked out this game and thought it is awesome! The stage 4 music really hit me 'cos I think it's a kind of departure from the typical Castlevania music style and generally it has some catchy melodies and a strong beat. Tuned down to B with the guitars to get that low end booming! And also this is the first song I learned by ear, in everything else I've done I have used midis to help with the composting/arrangements. The original track:
  10. Hi, So I think the arrangement is close to done, but I need some advice on mixing. I'm kind of new to audio production, so I'm really open to any advice at all. I know there are places where I need to do something, but I'm not sure what. Thanks, I hope I'm doing this right. I'm kind of shy.
  11. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) A Remix Competition Presented by the OverClocked ReMix Forums Introduction After being defeated by Simon Belmont, the spirit of Dracula floated in the void beyond time. After an unmeasurable age, he found himself returned to his body, but in a strange place. Reaching out, he found himself cut off from his seat of power, the eternal Castlevania! He soon discovered that, once again, fragments of the castle and the surrounding Wallachian countryside had been thrown together, along with some of his old minions--but only a handful of the monsters that once served him remained loyal, while the rest stood between him and his new enemy, the usurper of his domain. But he also found new allies! The heroes who had proved his bane time and time again have also been sucked through time and, sensing a greater foe than any they had ever faced before, now stand beside the former Prince of Chaos to defeat this mysterious enemy and restore Castlevania to its normal order! Current News Signups are now taking place. Anyone who wants to participate should post the names of their two teammates and their top 5 character selections, in order. Some characters have more than one source associated with them. If you choose one of those characters, also specify which of their sources you would like to use. You may choose only one source per character, and each character will be represented by only one remixer. Signups are still open, but the competition won't start until late January. More details forthcoming. Format This competition uses Darkesword's "gauntlet" format. Teams of 3 remixers will take turns remixing their character's theme with the shared theme of the week. The competition will be 12 weeks long. The main event will consist of 3 blocks of 3 rounds each, one announced per week but with a two-week remixing period, so that they overlap. This will be followed by a 1-week break and a 3-week final boss round. In each block, each remixer on a team will be that team's remixer for one week. The teams do not need to select a remixer ahead of time, as long as each member submits only one remix per 3-week block (which means that the third remixer of each block will be determined by default). The other remixers on a team are allowed to help with production and ideas, but the chosen remixer for a round must be the primary artist/arranger. Remixers can make use of other performers to play instruments, sing, etc., even those not involved with the competition, but these may not help in any other way. Submissions and File Names Entries must be sent to me by PM on the forums. Please include your team name and the round number in the subject line of the message. Please do not use a file-sharing service that includes ads or that changes the filename. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Soundcloud work well. If you use Soundcloud, please double-check to make sure you have set your remix to be downloadable. I will specify the filename for each round depending on the theme. Please read and follow the directions carefully when they are announced. Voting Rules and Guidelines After each week, I will create a voting thread in the public voting forum. Voters will rank their top three choices. A #1 vote is worth 3 point, a #2 vote is worth 2 points, and a #3 vote is worth 1 point. Competition members who vote will also earn their team 1 point just for voting. Team members may not vote for their own teams. This is primarily an arrangement competition. A creative arrangement that blends the two sources seamlessly, but with mediocre instrumentation and production, should be ranked more highly than an uninspired medley with flawless sound quality. Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Sources Participants can choose from the following characters and associated themes when signing up. They should choose their top 5 choices. If there are multiple picks for the same character, I will randomly determine who gets which pick. To prevent attempts to game the system, I will be be breaking 5th-place ties first and going backwards up the list. Dracula: Dance of Illusions Death: Evil's Symphonic Poem or Heart of Fire The Creature: Den of Worship or Walking on the Edge Golem: The Tower of Dolls or Stone King Golem Doppelganger: Riddle or Resonance of Malevolent Souls Isaac: Young Nobleman of Madness Joachim Armster: Melancholy Joachim Walter Bernhard: Dark Night Toccata Brauner: Esquisse of Violence Albus: Sorrow's Distortion Medusa: Cross Your Heart a.k.a. Crucifix Held Close or Stalker Akmodan II: Wicked Child or In Search of the Secret Spell Carmilla: Repose of Souls or Carmilla Elizabeth Bartley: Calling from Heaven Celia Fortner: Evil Invitation Stella and Loretta Lecarde: Dance of Sadness Simon Belmont: Theme of Simon Belmont Alucard: Dracula's Castle or The Tragic Prince Trevor Belmont: Beginning Grant Danasty: Clockwork Christopher Belmont: Battle of the Holy Richter Belmont: Divine Bloodlines Eric Lecarde: Iron-Blue Intention Nathan Graves: Awake Leon Belmont: Lament of Innocence Hector: The Curse of Darkness Soma Cruz: Castle Corridor Julius Belmont: Don't Wait Until Night a.k.a. Can't Wait Until the Night Sypha Belnades: Mad Forest Maria Renard: Slash Charlotte Aulin: The Hidden Curse Jonathan Morris: Invitation of a Crazed Moon John Morris: Reincarnated Soul Shanoa: An Empty Tome Teams Participants pick their own teams when signing up. They must also choose a Castlevania-themed team name, but they can wait until after their characters have been determined to do so. Please do not pick excessively long team names. Helping Out I'll also need artwork (album art and signatures). If that's up your alley, please let me know. I can cobble something together myself, but it won't be the prettiest, so if you can help out before the first round, that would be great!
  12. Hey all, This is a straight remake of one of my favorite vgm's. I'd be interested to hear any comments or criticisms!
  13. What's up guys, I'm working on a VGM Remix album. Released a few teasers at my YouTube page. Teaser 1 - Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience Teaser 2 - Chrono Trigger - Opening/Title Theme Teaser 3 - Castlevania Bloodlines - Iron-Blue Intention Music styles will be well varied.. Would be cool to hear what people think, and perhaps find some new subscribers. All the best!
  14. I made this mashup using emulated sounds from Contra Hard Corps, Castlevania III, Castlevania, Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Bloodlines, The Adventures of Bayou Billy, and The Goonies II.
  15. Hey all. I recently finished my metal arrangement of Vampire Killer from the original Castlevania game. Featuring live bats...(maybe fake ones). Enjoy!
  16. Hello! This is my first post here, I've just recently registered. I'm here to get some general feedback on my remix, I'll not submit it to OC ReMix. I'm an amateur musician (basically a hobbyist), but I really enjoy making these remixes, it's tons of fun! My remix (compressed YouTube video): Original produced audio file of my remix: Child - Wicked Child [NES Castlevania] Remix by Rodrigo M. Cucick.wav?dl=0 Original song: I hope you like it! Rodrigo M. Cucick.
  17. I wanted to produce a synthwave arrangement of the source but couldn't help using "organic" instruments for the leads and drums. I thought it could be interesting to try and find a right balance between synth and organic sounds -- keep those guitars, piano and drums and use only synths for the arrangements (which I'll start exploring way deeper when I find someone with a decent knowledge of synthwave music willing to help me ^^'). Original Source: Remix: I visualized Sonia telling her newborn son the tale of her adventures -- like it's a bedtime story -- when remixing this. Feel free to share feedbacks and whatnot :3
  18. Hello all, I first visited this site a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. I have recently gotten into mixing myself thanks to this site, and I wanted to share what I made, so here it is. This is my first ever remix, I hope you all like it.
  19. Someone left a comment on one of my videos encouraging me to share my work with this community. A little bit of research has led me here, and I'm a bit confused about whether my stuff is fit for this community or not. Most of my work was done before I ever heard of this site. Anyway, here is a link to some stuff: Castlevania "Wicked Child": I could really do with some feedback as to whether the community is interested in this or if I am barking up the wrong tree. Thanks
  20. Did it in around 2-3 hours a few days ago, pretty happy with the result!
  21. I'm doing music for a fan Castlevania project. Here's a few tracks for you to enjoy: - Burning Purpose - Ecclesiae Strigam - Sanguine Moonblossom - A Soldier with a Grudge
  22. There was someone who "remade" Harmony of Dissonance sountracks but unfortunately he left out the track Name Entry, which is one of the best tracks in the whole game: I'd like to hear a high quality sounding track of this. Preferably leave it as is or make it sound a little more funky or hip-hop like, but not too different. Thanks in advance.
  23. Track has been submitted Original Post: "Yeah, it's another Vampire Killer remix. But I can't help it." Finally pushed through the block I had and got this out of it. It's another retrowave remix. This time I've take ideas from 80s cop movie themes and a bit of Michael Jackson. The initial idea was to essentially recreate the prologue as an old horror movie trailer and then Vampire Killer as a pop-ish/dance-ish cop theme. And then "Thriller" got mixed in there. It's the cheesy chip sfx break. The toms, I might redo a few parts. It doesn't sound like it's intrusive I think so I might not. But let me know if you think it is. I've made the hand-off synth during the chorus to be a more whispy/flute-like sound because I felt like was clashing with the main synth a lot. I might change it again. Let me know what you guys think. Feedback away! v2 -lowered sample levels so they just sort of sit in the background instead of being prominent during the break -replaced hand-off synth -took away some highs from main synth for warmness v3 I felt that the track needed some escalation of some kind during the second pass. Just a little to give it more variation. So I added a keytar to just play around on the side and I think I might have given the song a slightly different flavor now. I mean, I like it. But I'm not entirely sure about how to mix it in place too so I'm on the fence about whether I should keep it or not. Thoughts anyone? unmastered v1 unmastered v2 unmastered v3 Source:
  24. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) A Remix Competition Presented by the OverClocked ReMix Forums Introduction The Cult of Dracula strikes again! With their arcane power, they've reached backwards and forwards through time, even into alternate realities, to piece the Castle of Chaos and its surroundings back together, and with it, their fallen master. But the castle has come back jumbled together! Lakes float above towers, forests grow deep underground, and libraries burn perpetually in caverns of fire. Of course, with the pieces of the castle have come the heroes of ages! These heroes must fight through the Transylvanian chaos, sending each area in turn back to the abyss, until only one remains, trapping Dracula's essence and allowing him to be defeated once more. Download Current News Voting for the Final Battle has concluded! While Simon Belmont, represented by OA, has succeeded in his quest, Dracula, represented by Jorito, has had the last laugh. He'll return soon, more powerful than ever! Congratulations to both Jorito and OA! Brackets Alucard Bracket Concluded! Soma Bracket Concluded! Simon Bracket OA: Entrance, 1797 Dracula Bracket Jorito: Crumbling Tower, 1691 The Fallen PlanarianHugger: Plant Castle, 1591 Yami: Underground Caverns, 1797 theshaggyfreak: Munitions Factory, 1917 Esperado: Forbidden Area, 2035 Chernabogue: Underground Caverns, 1691 Chalis: Dance Hall, 2035 Trism: Wilderness, 1698 YoshiBlade: Castle Center, 1852 HoboKa: Burning Town, 1792 Supercoolmike: Inner Halls, 1476 Sir_NutS: Entrance, 1691 Aleix Ramon: Master's Keep, 1944 Magnetic Ether: Inner Quarters, 2035 War Machine: Dungeon, 1691 Gario: Warakiya Village, 1476 wildfire: Abandoned Castle, 1479 Format Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) is mostly a traditional elimination tournament. Each participant will choose the music from one location, stage, or area from any Castlevania game. They will then be paired off against each other, with the winner continuing to the next round. Remixers will have two weeks to write a "vs. remix;" that is to say, a remix featuring the themes of their own area and their opponent's area, and there will be a one-week voting period following each round. Two elements make this compo different from traditional brackets. First, instead of requiring a specific number of participants, any number will be accepted. One or more special rounds will be added to even out the number of participants. These special rounds will require remixes to use both their stage music and a special theme for the round. There also may be three main brackets instead of the usual two if that makes things work out more evenly. Second, there will be an optional loser's bracket. This will be point-based, and based on the number of participants who opt in for each round: the more entries, the more points will be up for grabs in each round. Those who lose in the main bracket will enter the loser's bracket slightly above the median score of all existing participants, to put them on even footing (with a reward for lasting longer in the main bracket). The winner of the loser's bracket will compete with the winner of the winner's bracket at the end: The winner of the winner's bracket can claim ultimate victory whether they win or lose, but they need to share that victory with the winner of the loser's bracket if they lose to them. All participating competitors and voters will adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. So do I just pick a theme? Is it first-come-first-served? I'll be doing a draft for source selection. If you're planning on participating, please post a list of at least three sources you're interested in claiming, in your order of preference. If you're choosing themes you expect to be popular, you should post 4 or 5 choices so you have backup. Since Castlevania doesn't always use consistent names for locations, and the names of the themes themselves aren't always easy to find, please include a YouTube link to each source. Also, if you have any schedule restrictions (planned vacations, exams, etc), please mention them in your signup post. I'll do my best to accommodate. Eligible sources are those which are the music for a stage, area, or location from any game with "Castlevania" in the title. Boss music, character themes, etc. are not eligible. If a source is used for two or three locations in the same game, that's fine, just specify one. If it's used in different games, try to list the game it originally came from (e.g. Castlevania for Vampire Killer). Different participants will not be allowed to choose different versions of the same melody. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is a special case: Silence of Daylight, Bloody Tears, Monster Dance, Dwelling of Doom, and Within These Castle Walls are the eligible sources. Once everyone posts their lists, I'll assign choices based on a weighted point system designed to give the highest possible choices to the greatest number of people. (Some mathematical oddities in the sequential conflict resolution system actually make lower-ranked choices more likely in some cases, so I won't be using that.) Submissions All entries must be sent to me (MindWanderer) via PM on the forums. Please include the name of your bracket and the round number in the subject line of your PM. Please send me your submissions in MP3 format. I'll trust the submitters' ears to choose the best encodings for their music. Please do not use MediaFire, RapidShare, or any other ad-ridden public sharing site as a host for your entry. Tindeck is also bad because it changes your filenames. There are many better options you can and should be using to host your music. I recommend Dropbox or SoundCloud. Make sure your files are downloadable. File names must be in the following format: 1-on-1 round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage and Opponent's Stage).mp3 3-way round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage; First Opponent's Stage; and Second Opponent's Stage).mp3 Dracula Bracket round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage and Round Theme).mp3 Examples: DarkeSword - Blood in the Water (Sunken City of Poltergeists, 1476 and Wilderness, 1698).mp3 MindWanderer - Wallachia Just Keeps On Burning (Warakiya Village, 1476; Burning Town, 1792; and Master's Keep, 1944).mp3 djpretzel - Praying for Time (Clock Tower, 1691 and Prayer, 1476).mp3 Please pay attention to the spaces and punctuation. Your artist name and mix title can be whatever capitalization you want but the stage names must be full and capitalized properly (as listed in the brackets). Properly formatted file names make it much easier for me to tag everything properly, which ensures good, consistent metadata on all the files that will be distributed to voters. You must adhere to this file name standard. If you don't, I will seriously consider disqualifying you, and I don't think anyone wants to be disqualified just because they couldn't name their file properly. Voting Rules and Guidelines Voting is conducted publicly in the Public Voting forum. Every week, a thread will be created for the most recently completed round of remixing. Specific rules will vary from round to round, so be sure to check the main post of each thread for instructions. Things to keep in mind when voting: The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both themes. Production and enjoyability should also be considered, but this is primarily an arrangement competition. If you can't hear both themes in the remix, don't vote for it. Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote, including both competitors and non-competitors. Due to the forum's poll mechanic, you are required to choose a remix to vote for in each pairing in the main brackets. If you participated in the round, feel free to vote for yourself. In the Dracula bracket, you will need to choose a first, second, and third-place choice. Do not vote for yourself. Voters will earn points equal to a first-place vote just for voting. Do not post reviews in the voting thread. Compile your reviews for each round into a single post in this thread. Post only once in each voting thread. Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Violations may result in your votes or entries being disqualified. Schedule Signups close: January 7 Remixing begins: Alucard Bracket Round 1: January 13 Soma Bracket Round 1: January 20 Simon Bracket Round 1: January 27 Alucard Bracket Round 2: February 3 Soma Bracket Round 2: February 10 Simon Bracket Round 3: February 17 Dracula (losers') Bracket Round 1: February 17 Hero Finals: March 9 Dracula Bracket Round 2: March 9 Final Battle: March 30 (3-week mixing period) Epilogue: March 30 (3-week mixing period) Conclusion Castlevania was originally released on September 26, 1986, making this coming year its 30th anniversary. I'd like to release a compliation OCR-I on that date if at all possible. So if you make something you like, or that you could like with some extra time to polish it, hang onto it, and I'll ask for submissions following the end of the compo. Art Art supplied by Chernabogue! Get your signature banners here. Aren't you stealing DarkeSword's format just so we can make more Castlevania music for you to listen to? Yep, pretty much.