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  1. This is a beautiful remix of the Crystalis game music. It's airy, playful, light in sound, and stays very true to the orginial sound of the game. I read about some of notes weren't the same pitch as the original, but the theme is very recognizeable, and the pitch descrepencies doesn't bother me at all. The sound quality of the instruments are extremely top-notch and very clear--easily distinguishable from one another. It brought back so many memories of all the hours i spent killing those monsters to save up enough money for the next best sword and armor. I'm not a house music fan, and frankly i'd at odds at considering this track as "house" music. (perhaps i just had too much of my share of cheezy house music ) In any case. it's very professional sounding and for what it's worth, I highly recommend grabbing this.
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