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    VertigOcelot writes and records lots of original songs under the name Vertigo Fox.
    Despite that name, he thinks he's a leopard because he's a little bit crazy.
    He plays keyboards and is semi-competent on electric guitar. He loves zero gravity combat games like the old Descent titles and 2018's Overload, and likes fast-paced combat in games in general. Also likes to take long walks and spend time at zoos where he at least wants to make sure that animals in captivity get the chance to be happy.
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    Snarling vocals, truly weird synth programmings
  1. For the hour of rendering, I'm running FL Studio which, for some reason, takes a long time to render soundfonts. All the percussion instruments on this track come from a few very large soundfonts. That being said the new version which I upgraded to a few weeks ago seems to be a little faster. The guitar is already double-tracked, in a way, though it uses the same audio clip on both sides, just with some stereo processing and a channel split to make it feel a bit more separated. I've been experimenting with using slightly different eqs on the left and right channel in the months since I recorded this... suspect trying something like that here could get me a result closer to what you say. If I have enough free time where I'm not working on something else (I work in health care and writing my own songs is one of the few creative outlets I have time for, so it tends to take priority over covers and remixes) I will certainly take a closer look at the mix and see what I can do with both your guys' suggestions. I actually have done sidechaining with my guitar tracks on other songs, though usually my source is the snare drum. I don't think I really thought to do that here but it would certainly be worth trying. Maybe I'll be... kicking... myself for not thinking of that sooner XD And lastly I apologize for just dropping this thread and kind of leaving it here. This past summer was a busy time at work, and I was also working on several music tracks for two very different game mods. As a result of all that I kind of forgot about this for a few months, and it's totally on me for not sticking around and seeing what others here have to offer. I'll see if I can make time for that sometime soon. Also the email notifications don't seem to be working for me, since I didn't get notified for either of your posts... seems I'll have to check on my overzealous spam filter yet again.
  2. Since it's getting close on 6 months without anyone replying to this at all, I'll just assume you guys decided it doesn't meet your standards and move on to other projects. Cheers and happy new year.
  3. So, I've been replaying Doom 3 in anticipation of the fifth one coming up, and at some point I decided to try playing the basic riff from the menu song on my guitar, which I quickly realized was much easier than it sounded. And what better way to spend the 13th of a month? The idea in my head at first was just to create a version of the song, mostly from memory, which wasn't as mangled by compression artifacts as the in-game version. Quickly realized while I was planning that I didn't have a latin choir easily available for the section after the first refrain so I would have to do something else in that part; when I decided on a snarly sorta metal vocal I decided to add a few more small vocal bits through the song so those bits wouldn't seem as out of place... things snowballed, I got carried away and extended the song by almost two minutes with an extra chorus in there, plus some shoutouts to both "waltz of the demons" from the original doom and "harbinger" from doom 4 (itself a remix of the same song :D), a bit based on the little loop that played on Doom 3's pause menu screen, and a bunch more extra stuff. Despite all that I am not sure if this is enough of a reinterpretation to qualify as a ReMix by the standards of this site, since the new parts are only really extensions of what the song in the game suggests. That's the specific "review" I'm looking for here. If the folks here think there's enough new stuff going on for it to count as a ReMix I'll consider submitting it officially. If you guys don't think so, then I won't. Red Blood, Red Sand One more thing to mention is the track took a good six hours to render to audio. While I still could be open to changing something I'm not looking forward to having to sit and wait through that again. ...if you do suggest a big change, and I decide to actually go ahead and do it, expect it to be at least a couple days before I get a new version up.