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  1. Wow that's incredible! I would be honored to receive your draft. I wasn't aware there was current research about OCR music going on. Dr. Austin Okigbo is leading our musicology seminar on ethnomusicology. I haven't started dissertation work or anything so I don't know who my adviser may be.
  2. Hello all, My name is Brandon Swing and I’m a pre-candidate PhD student studying video game music. I am preparing to conduct an ethnographic and research project that studies the contributing ReMixers of OverClocked ReMix and general fans of OCR music as part of a requirement for a doctoral seminar project, and am currently looking for individuals who would be willing to participate. Some of you reading may have already received private messages from me, but I'm now here to open the floor to not only just specifically creators, but anyone in the OCR community. So here's the technical description of the project: the purpose of this study is to investigate the passage of music between the virtual (video game worlds) and the non-virtual, or actual, from the perspective of ReMixers at OCR who act as musical ambassadors to better understand how this (re)creative process alters and reconstructs (their perception of) the virtual-actual. The project will primarily consist of an in-depth and free-form interview that could lasting anywhere between 1-2 hours, followed by an optional and brief follow-up interview at a later date. The interviews are intended to be very relaxed and could be as informal as you are comfortable with. The kind of questions I have prepared to start with are pretty basic and straightforward, such as hearing about your own history with music and video games, your personal favorite games, why you like them and their music, and why you enjoy the remixes here at ocremix.org. Ideally this could just turn into a discussion where you explore your own artistic beliefs and feelings about video games and art while I just listen. I also acknowledge it's entirely possible you just simply like the music for how it sounds, that's fine; either way I'm just interested in why you're here. You are free to not answer any question and you do not have to talk about anything you do not want to. You may stop the interview at anytime. In short, the records kept from this study will remain private and for use by researchers. In any sort of published report, any identifying information will be removed and you will remain anonymous, unless of course you desire to not to, which may be something you might be interested in doing. This is for a class, but it is possible that I will use the data gathered from this research as part of a future project or publication. Thank you all for taking the time to read all this, and I sincerely hope that you will consider participating in what is part of the growing critical attention surrounding video game music. You can either respond here or email me at john.swing@colorado.edu. I'm hope to hear from any of you soon! Cheers, Brandon Swing PhD Pre-Candidate, Musicology University of Colorado Boulder
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