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    Having played video games since the age of 4, my interest in interactive media/reading/problem solving led me to build a profound relationship with music. Versed in Jazz, Classical, Folk/Traditional/Bluegrass, Rock, Metal, and Pop (and other things in between points of the spectrum), I play in an instrumental band called Becoming Elephants (and am hired to play in several other groups) and like to self-produce video game covers. I'm a multi-instrumentalist with a specialty in guitar and tenor saxophone.
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  1. This sounds really interesting! I'd love to contribute. I sent you an e-mail about it, but thought I'd post here as well. Very cool!
  2. This is really cool! I'm loving the idea you have with this. In my opinion, I get the doomy/sludge vibe off of this. It's unsettling, harmonically interesting, and makes a good foundation. Since you're going for a cover and not really a remix, I'd say this is accurate because the theme itself doesn't offer much variation. What you COULD do (if you were into this sort of thing), is try to take advantage of the repetition with layers. Layering seems to be your friend in repetitive pieces. Perhaps introduce a lo-fi interpretation of the riff, add the double tracked guitars, use some harmonically inspired texture in a pad or extra guitar, and experiment with making a haunting, legato melody instead of a shred section. I like Nika's input, but as a guitarists, it is too easy to let that be our answer to a bland musical moments. Be the "voice" and the backing band and I think you'll have a solid interpretation of this piece without needing to add quotes from Wart's theme (unless you want to and by all means do!).
  3. Hi, forgive me if this information is posted already somewhere but I was wondering if I need to register with the forums hosting ThaSauce comp information to submit or can I submit via OcRemix? I'd like to participate
  4. Hi everyone! I was recently sent this direction as a potential collaborator and wanted to see if anyone needed some of my instrumental services? I'm working on some tracks on the Star Fox anniversary album and am taking on some claims there so I am probably too busy to dedicate myself to whole track, but would happily lay some tracks down on arrangements made here! Electric/acoustic guitars, Tenor/alto saxophones, some brass, some folk instruments (tin whistle, harmonica), mandolin, and bass guitar You can check out some of my arrangements of other video game themes on my artist profile if interested. Thanks!
  5. Yeah good to hear from everyone again. Been super busy with holiday stuff and now getting back to work and other projects has been eating up most of my time but I'm back to a somewhat normal schedule and will begin submitting WIPs more consistently. Thanks for the patience!
  6. You are welcome! Thanks for having me on board. I'm going to have a WIP for you very soon!
  7. Hey thanks! I am really excited about working on it. I'm making some rough ideas on drum tracks, but those are certainly not my forte. If you're interested, I'd love to have you work with me on this one. I'm going to make a rough draft of my idea and I'll send it to you and see if it inspires any creative ideas. Looking forward to hearing what this thing will turn into.
  8. I'd like to claim Meteor Base! I'm also interested in Out of this Dimension but I'm going to wait a bit and see if anyone else claims it. I need to get some work done on other tracks!
  9. I've got tenor/alto saxophones, clarinet, trumpet, Native American flutes/ocarinas, electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, harmonicas, a trombone, a french horn, banjo, keyboards, etc... Lots of stuff at varying levels of skill on my part. Could get creative and make something weird or isolate a few instruments I'm proficient at (sax/guitars/tin whistle/mandolin) and make something a little more comprehensive. Just let me know if you want any!
  10. I actually still have the midi you sent me in my project file, so no worries!
  11. Sounds awesome! Feel free to send me anything you have parts wise and have stuff available for solo sections, let me know! I've got a few instruments lying around... Haha