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    Having played video games since the age of 4, my interest in interactive media/reading/problem solving led me to build a profound relationship with music. Versed in Jazz, Classical, Folk/Traditional/Bluegrass, Rock, Metal, and Pop (and other things in between points of the spectrum), I play in an instrumental band called Becoming Elephants (and am hired to play in several other groups) and like to self-produce video game covers. I'm a multi-instrumentalist with a specialty in guitar and tenor saxophone.
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    Jameson Burton
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    Positive Grid: Final Touch, Caustic, Harmonic Dog Multitrack DAW, NT Power Drum Kit
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Synthesizer

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  1. It seems as though I, too, am posting about having sent a private message. The project sounds cool! Thanks for reaching out to the community.
  2. Here is the updated track in .wav format, sorry for not uploading it earlier... Street Fighter II USA Medley.wav
  3. Hi, just wanted to bump this. Was wondering if I could get some feedback or at least pointed into the direction I needed to be to get this considered for formal release? Thank you
  4. Thank you very much! Yes I did mix and master myself.
  5. Hello everyone, I have made a medley of the three American fighters from Street Fighter II (Balrog, Ken, and Guile). I thought it might be appropriate as this time of year seems to get overlooked in themes, but I also don't want to overshadow the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is traditionally and American holiday, so I thought I'd bring in an anthem worthy of a world warrior. I'm happy to be in a position to submit for feedback as I am pretty proud of how this has turned out so far. Thank you for listening. Source: Balrog Ken Guile
  6. I like that Silent Hill 2 track you did!

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    2. HoboKa


      If you can attract a few more talented people, you'll definitely have my sword arm, as it were.  [edit] I am not much coordinator material though, you'd be barking up the wrong tree if that thought crosses your mind lol. 

    3. SirCorn


      No worries! I'm planning on dawning the mantle of coordinator/project director as it will be a fairly small group and focused idea. It's more of a concept album than a collection of remixes (although source material will be in present in abundance). I will let you know who else is on board and see what you think!

    4. HoboKa


      Hey you already got some form of vision to go on, rather than 'a collection of random tunes hoohoo' (like my attempt).  That is a good first step!

  7. Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely take your advice to heart. I'll probably omit the X'd note heads in the bass, my initial plan was rhythm notation for chords players too, but that seems pretty unclear. Probably no hard in just having a literal bass line. That said, I do want to keep my theme of 4 staves/lines as that seems to be the boundaries in which my project is defined. I do have a question: "Is there any point in me continuing this project if there is already such a comprehensive list of lead sheets already available?" I know you said that more arrangers may find this info useful, and if that is the case, I'd like to continue to work on these charts in an attempt to get them to the people who could benefit from their existence. I see some potential for classical musicians looking for solos/duets with accompaniment as well, not just improvisers. Could you help me find a community of people that would benefit from these? Would you consider allowing me to contribute some charts to VGLeadSheets.com under the proper formatting? I've noticed that some charts I'll be working on aren't already included in your library and I could provide a closer "Real Book" version for review, if possible. Thank again for taking time to review my work!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, but this is a bit of an "art" project to me. I've been making a VGM "Fake Book" (it's like a compilation of charts with rhythm notation, chord charts, and two monophonic voices harmonized in a typical jazz arrangement style), and I wanted to share the progress with OCR in case anyone could get some use out of it. I suppose, in some sense, this is my "visual art project" relating to game music. It is a labor of love, so it is incomplete but entries are always being added to it. I'm in the phase of adding the finalized products to the book (many pieces are already transcribed/reharmonized and just lacking final draft) and would love some feedback from the community. I'm not making the whole book available to the public, but I'd like to share some excerpts and see what you think! Table of contents: I've included a .pdf file of "Dark World" from A Link to the Past. You'll notice that my sheets are made into two main sections: "Head" Think of the top line as the main melody, second line as optional harmony/counterpoint. "Vamp" The top line is what most of the accompaniment is providing in the source recordings, but re-voiced/re-harmonized in some instances that I found necessary. I didn't just sit with these pieces and add "7"s to every chord to make it "jazz". The basslines are an attempt to make a 1-1 transference of some bass lines if I find them particularly iconic (it may not be up to me to judge), but may be simplified in some places for "ease of use". The notes are written with an "X" instead of a traditional note-head because I wanted these to indicate rhythm as well, not just pitch. There are chords notated above the top line of the "Vamp". I believe them all to be accurate and have taken some liberties (but nothing too out there) where I heard implied harmony. I was mostly looking out for improvisers and guitarists. The idea was to have the pieces as informative as possible, while also making a clean and comprehensive chart that is easy to sight read. You can take this info and rearrange it for so many mixed groups! I am looking for feedback in the following areas: Ease of Use Accuracy of Melody Harmonic Interpretation Legibility/Comprehension Anyone taking the time to review and critique would have my personal thanks and I'd be happy to provide them more sheets for their time (if interested). Thank you! VGM Fake Book - Dark World.pdf
  9. This sounds really interesting! I'd love to contribute. I sent you an e-mail about it, but thought I'd post here as well. Very cool!
  10. This is really cool! I'm loving the idea you have with this. In my opinion, I get the doomy/sludge vibe off of this. It's unsettling, harmonically interesting, and makes a good foundation. Since you're going for a cover and not really a remix, I'd say this is accurate because the theme itself doesn't offer much variation. What you COULD do (if you were into this sort of thing), is try to take advantage of the repetition with layers. Layering seems to be your friend in repetitive pieces. Perhaps introduce a lo-fi interpretation of the riff, add the double tracked guitars, use some harmonically inspired texture in a pad or extra guitar, and experiment with making a haunting, legato melody instead of a shred section. I like Nika's input, but as a guitarists, it is too easy to let that be our answer to a bland musical moments. Be the "voice" and the backing band and I think you'll have a solid interpretation of this piece without needing to add quotes from Wart's theme (unless you want to and by all means do!).
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