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  1. I kind of did that with the one that I submitted and got rejected. I mainly use the term "thrash" in terms of the speed of the song. I'm wondering if I should let the orchestra take front seat of the mix for melody's sake. This mix is particularly smoother than the one I submitted but it's just a tad quieter than desired. Then there's the matter of reworking the orchestra with the newer HO instruments which I'm finding kind of tedious at the moment. Especially with the brass section. I realize now that I don't know how an orchestra properly plays together. Hahaha. It's all about learning!
  2. I submitted this track back in October 2019 and the judges asked me to resubmit due to hot mixing and some realism issues with the orchestra section of this track. So far I remixed all the instruments and reamped the bass to be less overbearing. But the main worry I've had is that, while the judges heard clipping and pumping, I did not hear any clipping or pumping on my end during playback. But still, I dropped all my levels and adjusted the limiter on the master track. I'm told no more than -4db of attenuation is recommended so I've adjusted for that. But that also makes the track quieter than I'd like and probably below standard in terms of volume. Now I can lower the threshold more and get maybe -6.5db attenuation and I still wouldn't hear any pumping or clipping but the judges probably might and I'm not sure why they would if no clipping is even showing on the meters in my PT session. So instead of trying to be a shining knight in the loudness war I'm willing to sacrifice a few dB of loudness for the sake of dynamics and a cleaner mix. As for the orchestra section, I'm in the process of replacing EWQLSO with Hollywood Orchestra and getting the right accents in line is gonna take time. But I at least wanted feedback in terms of mix in general. So, here it is.