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  1. For example, in summary of the latest remix, the "Namco" link works: Primary Game: Pac-Man (Namco , 1980, ARC), music by Toshio Kai But in the Details tab the "Namco" link is broken: Primary Game: Pac-Man (Namco , 1980, ARC) Music by Toshio Kai This is especially inconvenient when a mix incorporates many games with different publishers.
  2. So many good albums put out by OCR, including SCB, "Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation", and "Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger", but my favorite is also "Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin". Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer, and FFVI is still my favorite game soundtrack of all time, and "Balance and Ruin" is such a great tribute to this masterpiece. Not only is the entire 4-disc album a good listen from beginning to end, but there are a bunch of individual tracks that I still regularly play to this day. A couple other close runners-up for me are "Final Fantasy IX: World's Apart", and "Vampire Variations III" which gets a lot of play in October 🧛‍♂️
  3. I originally heard this remix over the summer on McVaff's YouTube channel (and its video includes a very touching personal message, by the way). This remix is now a permanent part of my summertime playlists (along with a few other MkVaff classics) and I'm happy to see it featured on OCR.
  4. This is still one of my favorite remixes of all time! There are many great layers to this track, but the unison and interplay between the electric guitar and the traditional Japanese instruments is what really kills it for me. Of course, The Duke's cameo is also some sweet, sweet icing on the cake.
  5. This is a gorgeous arrangement. Also, excellent reference in the title, since this piece could easily fit right in on one of the Twin Peaks soundtracks.
  6. Through the darkness of future's past, The magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... "Fire Fade with Me."
  7. Great list! I just discovered this thread thanks to this year's Facebook post, but most of these have been on my personal Halloween playlist for years "Devil's Advocate" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02113) is still one of my all-time favorite Halloween tracks, right up there with "Koopa vs. Kefka" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01542) and "A Clockwork Vampire" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01401). I'm also loving the Mazedude and "Vampire Variation" album representation on this list. 1 more from VVVIII I think is a great Halloween track is "Selva Oscura" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03540), though maybe that one doesn't fit the same spooky vibe as the other tracks on this list, so "Deforestation" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02375) might be a better fit. I also have some FFVI Phantom Forest remixes on my personal playlist. I consider "The Endless Stair" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02721) a Halloween essential as well. "The Moon of Bowser" (https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03372) has become another essential on my playlist. Of course, plenty of other great Halloween tracks can be found with this site's Halloween tag
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