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  1. Great list! I just discovered this thread thanks to this year's Facebook post, but most of these have been on my personal Halloween playlist for years "Devil's Advocate" ( is still one of my all-time favorite Halloween tracks, right up there with "Koopa vs. Kefka" ( and "A Clockwork Vampire" ( I'm also loving the Mazedude and "Vampire Variation" album representation on this list. 1 more from VVVIII I think is a great Halloween track is "Selva Oscura" (, though maybe that one doesn't fit the same spooky vibe as the other tracks on this list, so "Deforestation" ( might be a better fit. I also have some FFVI Phantom Forest remixes on my personal playlist. I consider "The Endless Stair" ( a Halloween essential as well. "The Moon of Bowser" ( has become another essential on my playlist. Of course, plenty of other great Halloween tracks can be found with this site's Halloween tag