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  1. Just had a listen, and from hearing some of HoBo's other works, this is certainly right up his alley. Got much better at building atmosphere, and it's just hitting all the right points of intrigue, peril and fear within the composition. It went from sounding like something from its source, to something from Zombies Ate My Neighbors (which I am guessing is the inspiration, judging by the title name.) Especially with the vocals towards the end. ♡ Love it. A worthy listen and just in time for Halloween too, so yeah. Congrats on getting (another?) breakthrough song, HoBoKa, and here's to more in your future. 🥳
  2. Congrats on finally leaping that hurdle. It's a very beautiful piece. ♡
  3. No problem, thanks for getting back to me. ♥ Just saw the e-mail! No problems, and much appreciated.
  4. I did actually. xD Like...on March 26th, this year, LOL. But thanks. Can always hit me back up via the message if you find it. 👍
  5. Hey, I don't know if posting here is going to resolve the issue, but I do need help and I've contacted 3 different judges on the Panel about it via message on here, but to no avail and no reply. I had sent an e-mail way back in early October 2021 for a submission, and the only thing I have received is the automated receipt notice e-mail, and nothing else. Unfortunately, I haven't had any correspondence since, and I have checked the Judging page several times as well... It's a bit bewildering and frustrating at this stage, as I've tried several times in private messaging to see what's up, and have waited. I am aware there's possiblilities of back log and it can take a month or two to even get to a submission, but it's going on half a year now. Can I get some kind of update or reply to my messages? Cheers.
  6. Listened to the whole thing just now... Truly is super lovely. ♡ I'm honoured to have been able to donate some songs onto the album and look forward to next year! Excellent work, guys. Proud of all of you. :3
  7. I might try something... Guardian Legend is tempting me more than the Granstream, Tactics Advance and Seymour rounds have done, combined... So, maybe...but I'd want to do the sources an utmost justice. Dunno if I can pull it off, TBH.
  8. Yeah I noticed a remix of it had finally appeared on here, but I hadn't forgotten your request, just FYI. It's going to be the first thing I try to remix on Reaper, FWIW. Fun times ahead.
  9. @Argle...I don't mean to sound stupid myself, or mean, but no way you can find another track to use or do? 😧
  10. Totally doable, just depends on how polished. I've admittedly never done this before, so I'm unsure of the usual standards. Some people asking to include songs on their album want the composition mixed but not mastered. Some want neither, and just it bare bones and in pieces... I'm assuming this just warrants a full, completely mastered song, which I can do in 5 weeks. Both are practically done, I'm just looking for advice or critique on them to make them better (within my power, anyways, ATM.) FWIW, I sent them in a DM because unsure if Coop wants them on the thread, ya know, spoilers and such. XD
  11. I've got two I can supply as well, as WIPs. I'll drop them in the DMs in a second.
  12. @HarlemHeat360 Super glad you managed to make it! @HoboKa Sorry you can't turn in anything, hun. Like Weeks said, just take time for yourself and enjoy whatever everyone else cooked up, I suppose. ♥ I am defo feeling similarly, and burned out to hell, but sometimes I guess we just have to push ourselves through the bad storm. But sometimes as well, you just need to hunker down and drink a hot cuppa cocoa instead. xD ♥ ♥
  13. I managed as well, FOR ONCE not being dead last or turning it in 3 minutes before it's due! I'm also currently partially deaf in my right ear because of a pretty bad inner canal infection, so...mixing / mastering was fucking glorious to deal with the last several days, and I could barely focus for shit to compose it. xD Like Dr. Frankenstein, I had 0 clue how to cobble the stitched-together beast, but it's there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pretty chuffed with the result, anyways... ♥ Hope people enjoy it.
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