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  1. Ooo...my mom used to play and absolutely loved Tetris Attack (the Yoshi-themed one). I still own it. Would be interesting to try my hand at splicing an old 80s girl-pop song with this. ...Hmmmm...
  2. ...Mine's in too... ^^; ...Kinda scared how much me and Gamer has been of like minds these past few rounds in both MnP and PRC...kek. xD
  3. Also, nice pick @Wassup Thunder. Never heard of Magical Starsign before... ...Think it might be time for some experimentation again... I sense a hip-hop / trap beat with lyrical work possibly in the near future.
  4. Heya. I see there's a general poll up about source picks for MnP. Noticed there's a lack of a "both" or "either" option. I voted the 1st from preference, but TBH I wouldn't mind just vg music across the board, old or new school. As long as it has a MIDI found to work with, I don't think it's a big deal. Also plenty of songs from games I like that came out after 2010, (from Indie stuff like Blasphemous to mainstream like Dark Souls 3). So, fwiw, I think one should be able to choose from any console era provided you can give us a source to work from. Cause I know some people her
  5. Got my vote in before time ran out. ^^;
  6. By the by, uh...wasn't MMX4 and onwards on PS1? I know X4 through 6 are cause I own them, and I think 7 and 8 are PS2... Correct me if I'm wrong. XD I saw SNES and it confused me.
  7. You might get a kick out of mine then, (and have a lot to say about it.) It is a kind of dedication to the way you and Soup usually do your compositions, and I really enjoy the occasional orchestral piece.
  8. Mine's in. :3 Was both a wild ride and an absolute joy of a song to work with. ♥ 3/4 time signature is nuts to try to do anything with, but hopefully thinking outside the box has done its fair do.
  9. Bb Minor huh? ...Wack. I'll have a go then. ♡
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