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  1. FWIW, if something like this happens for MnP, I'll be there, VG. Plan was to probably redo the very first PRC remix I've ever done, kinda demo my journey in the music making process since those years ago. Would be so happy to do it for MnP as well!!! Still remember both first rounds so fondly... ♡ And I still have the project files to boot!
  2. Back again to where it all began... :0 This is extremely sad to see, and I wish this year I could've dedicated more time to PRC and MnP. However, Godspeed to everyone who was ever involved with either, and I still have fond memories of these even with my brief time doing them. ...But one more for old time's sake? *bro-fist* Hells yeah. Count me in.
  3. Just hop on-board. Even if just for the experience. Both has a lot of music that is right up your alley tonally and soundscape-wise, IMHO.
  4. What a horrible night to have a curse...but fuck it. Castlevania me up, sir.
  5. What a bday present, indeed! ...Just started listening to this...and I already have goosebumps, and it's only 10-15 seconds in...and it just...grows ever-more expansive and glorious from there. ♥ Your years of experience shows in spades, despite the contention with "mix issues", and I can see why people say "it's a feature, not a bug" in some aspects and respects. Nonetheless, this is beautifully done and written and you weave so many recognizable sources in seamlessly...and it feels without effort (even though I know there was a ton of effort in this bad boy.) It's to a grand-scale of epic and an inspiration, and I'm glad Emunator vouched this one to be up on the feed, because we all would've missed out otherwise... Happiest bday to you two, the fab twins! 🥳 🎂 I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your stuff up on the feed and on NewGrounds mixposts. ♥ :3 And I truly hope most of us can aspire to create and get something this hype into annals of OCR history.
  6. Absolutely loving the 70s/80s rock vibe... Reminds me of stuff from Saxon with a bit of Motörhead / Judas Priest up in there (and yep, defo Jethro Tull and others!!) The flute is gorgeous (got Pat Metheny vibes there for a bit), but this is a very well done and put together piece! I'm glad it got through and got the spotlight...and it managed despite the mad-dash rush Lucas talked about on the Discord and his write-up to get it in for the album. Happy bday, my man! Good shit and looking forward to more from ya up on the feed. ♥
  7. Bring it. Any time, any day (been always wanting to do remixes of FF IV & VI anyways... xD)
  8. I managed to get something done, so let's hope we can get it on in.
  9. Listening to it now. Great stuff and flows so well. ♥ Feliz Navidad and a pleasant New Year everybody.
  10. Yeah I'm kinda wondering too... This seems to have been a bit in a limbo, but is there any way to possibly get in on this bandwagon at this late stage? Lufia 2 is one of my faves from the SNES lineage of rpgs...would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity.
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