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  1. Man, two things I absolutely love to always have a sit down and listen to: FF music and orchestral renditions of video game songs, and this one does both! As soon as I heard the opening bars leading into the FF Prelude / Opening Theme, I got that spine-tingling feeling again as I did when I was a kid sat down playing SNES FF IV (the first of the series I played) on my own, stereo up high on the TV. Unfortunately, busyness pulled me away from hearing the rest, but tonight I am going to take a sit down to read the text thoroughly and listen to the whole thing! You've got another subscr
  2. O.o Hm... That's weird. Is it normal to have so many page views but no comments? ^^; Hope the link / song is working.
  3. This isn't the first remix from a game I've completed, however it is one I am more confident with: https://www.bandlab.com/vodouqueenxiii/groove-of-the-ancients-jazz-funk-dance-mix I decided I might as well throw myself into the deep-end (hope I'm doing it right), but yeah. Any advice, pointers, or criticisms (good or bad) would be great. Hoping to get something into submission at some point... I realize Cakewalk / BandLab is not on the usual list of DAWs to work with, by the way, but it's all I have to work with at the moment. I am extremely new to composing, arranging, mi
  4. Hello everyone! (Wow, I'm extremely nervous ...and shy, haha!) To make things simple outside my username / artist moniker, just call me Angel. I've lurked around the OCRemix sphere for, jeez...years, I'd figure. Had my first taste way back around mid-2006 or so, from an old ex-friend who was heavily into it. I don't know if some of the OGs are still around, but I definitely remember two of my firsts I've heard from here was "Ace of Space" by Beatdrop and "The Scarlet Halls of Night" by The Wingless (I'm a big Guardian Legend nerd)--been hooked ever since! Been raised on games since a
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