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  1. the video is one of nine in a playlist of the soundblaster version of the music from the game Zone 66. I would like to see as much remixes for the game as possible. I could only find the soundblaster version but there are other versions of the music for the game
  2. how? I don't usually post plus its better to have the original sound file for the base song right?
  3. Can someone do a remix of this please? I posted a link to a site that has this and the PS2 version of the game soundtracks on there. its time to do this game some justice
  4. This site here> has a bunch of sound bites from old and new games and I am wondering if someone can remix Zone 66, Star wars: Tie Fighter, BattleZone 2, cybernator(assault suits valken) I don't know really know where else to put this so I am putting it here for now