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  1. Another bump up for this request. give this bullet hell hidden gem that was on pc's ms-dos back in the 90's
  2. https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/zone-66-pc-game-rip here's the link to where you can get the songs, there's the UltraSound audio and soundblaster versions of the songs in case you didn't know where to find them
  3. there's more i would like to request but I would like to see at least this, my zone 66 request and cybernator/Assault suits valken get remixes especially the last two since cybernator was an awesome game and zone 66 was possibly the best bullet hell game with jet fighters
  4. this is another bump up for this request and I am glad that some of you have taken the time to take a look at my request
  5. I posted a link to a site that has the original soundtrack for the game on the here on this site. it also has another name that it goes by which I can't remember off the top of my head
  6. Bumping this to get more people interested into doing a remix or a few. the video posted here is apart of a play list and you can click where the 1/9 is and view/listen to the other songs
  7. the video is one of nine in a playlist of the soundblaster version of the music from the game Zone 66. I would like to see as much remixes for the game as possible. I could only find the soundblaster version but there are other versions of the music for the game
  8. how? I don't usually post plus its better to have the original sound file for the base song right?
  9. Can someone do a remix of this please? I posted a link to a site that has this and the PS2 version of the game soundtracks on there. its time to do this game some justice
  10. This site here>https://downloads.khinsider.com/ has a bunch of sound bites from old and new games and I am wondering if someone can remix Zone 66, Star wars: Tie Fighter, BattleZone 2, cybernator(assault suits valken) I don't know really know where else to put this so I am putting it here for now
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