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  1. I will! :) And I absolutely hope you do - I'm sure that spark and mindset will soon come back, you just need to find the right muse/inspiration.
  2. Hi Argle - thanks for taking the time to reply and once again thank you for the awesome track! You're a serious talent that I hope to hear much more from - amazing work! Hmmm, looks like my speakers (KEF LSX) somehow amplify those parts too much then - those parts are indeed less prominent on my headphones.
  3. I'm absolutely loving this remix - it's pretty much perfection (and I already liked it in the game). Listening to it daily... however there seem to be a few parts where it was made too loud and thus is distorted (e.g. 1:29 / 1:35 and so on and on)... with this being a true masterpiece, I think it would be amazing to fix those parts. Either way, it's one of my favorite instrumental tracks ever. Hats off to you and thank you for sharing this!
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