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  1. First off I'd like to publically apologize for spamming GenDisc earlier. Second, I'm forced to agree with my esteemed colleagues here in saying that any sort of forum intended to replace Unmod really won't do the job. The forum's deletion has rent a gash in the old Unmod populace that won't soon heal over; I doubt it ever will. Unmod is gone for good, but fragments of it can still be found in places like Gerbilfat and .org.
  2. I'm forced to agree with *morningstar here. DJP's personal vendettas should remain outside of things like reviews and the such. I don't care that DJP has a beef with virt or if the judges can't DJP or anything stupid like that. All I care about is the music. Give me a rundown of what's awesome and what isn't, not some minispeech on how DJP hates virt and doesn't think that this remix project is worthy of his work. It's like when the US boycotted the Olympics when they were held in Moscow. It's stupid and makes everybody look bad.
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