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  1. Thanks! I am sure there are others out there, but I don't know any off the top of my head. Doing different styles was challenging in a really good way. It also forced me to get better with my mixing than I had been before I started the project.
  2. I did a soundtrack for a soon-to-be-released cyberpunk tabletop RPG called "Hard Wired Island" - songs are meant to be used for various scenes during play or just to chill to. It's a weird mix of genres since some tracks are also meant to be "collaborations" with in-universe characters/musicians, etc. You can check the whole thing out here: https://neonshudder.bandcamp.com/album/hard-wired-island-ost or on spotify:
  3. I've been at work on this one for a while and now that the game is out today (on PC + Mac + Switch) I can share the full OST finally! 21 original tracks and 16 "retro" versions that you hear during puzzle segments. https://capsuleking.bandcamp.com/album/pixel-puzzle-makeout-league-original-soundtrack-smooches
  4. Just to be clear, this isn't supposed to be any kind of stand in for the Death Stranding OST nor is it a piece meant to make you think "Oh it's low roar inspired" - this one is more inspired by the feel of the game, especially exploration early on.
  5. Rexy - just want to say your response means a lot on many levels. This is all incredibly helpful and I'll be sure to give a lot of this some serious thought. Thank you!
  6. Hey! Thanks, Taikoi. I agree - I think I went maybe too hard on trying to make the intro (distorted) synth present and it ends up being a little much.
  7. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Admittedly, I was a bit frustrated about one of the criticisms which suggested it didn't have enough of the "original song" in it, which doesn't sit well with me. Mostly because the bass line and distorted synths follow the bass line from the original, the arpeggios are based off the background notes, and the chorus used a distorted version of the strings from the original but they're still pretty present. As for the other points... I'm aware that composing in a sequencer can give off the "rigid" feel I got as a criticism but it didn't go in depth about it so I am not sure how or even where to tweak it in that regard.
  8. Hey there. I submitted this to OC Remix and got some feedback from a judge but I want to dive into what does and doesn't work and what I can do to make it work. Or, at the very least, learn where my weak spots in terms of production and composition are. "Midgar Sludge" (On Google Drive) It was noted that the song has some glaring issues w/ frequencies (something I admittedly struggle with), bad sound quality, and it was added that the music sounds too "rigid." Some background: I've been messing around with composing on and off for a long time but I don't have any formal background in music. I just starting playing around with Reason one day as a teenager and just kind of went from there. So while I learned to get this far on my own, I know jack all about production unfortunately. I want to get better at it both so I can submit better music here, but also so I can improve my own original releases (neonshudder.bandcamp.com). I'm sure some of the issue is only having composed within Reason more or less, but I know there's more to it than that but I don't know where to start. It's a little bit humbling to have to admit it after trying to write music for some 15 years now but it is what it is.
  9. Hi. I feel like I've tweaked this song to death and I feel happy with it but my production and mixing skills are pretty terrible so any thoughts on where this could use improvement is appreciated. https://neonshudder.bandcamp.com/track/aurometal-sky-zone-mix
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