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  1. This song is gorgeous. The distorted piano creates a unique effect, one I think works very well in the song. The strong bassline keeps the song from ever feeling empty, which is a problem I feel with a lot of Zeal remixes: there's too much attention paid to the frills and not enough to creating the total experience. I loved kizukaseru (why causative, though?) and I don't love this any less. Great job, Unipulator. You've got a new fan.
  2. I really liked this piece. It's short, with pretty high-quality samples, and a blast to listen to. I tend to go for more ambient pieces (I downloaded this mix to see how it'd hold up to the older Azure Lake) but this song always gets me smiling. It's rare you find something this light-hearted and catchy that doesn't grate on the nerves. Kudos, and keep up the good work.
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