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  1. I'm DUMB and NEW so I don't know where to put this on the forums or if it's even allowed (looked at rules, didn't find one). For the last 4-5 years I didn't have a full-time job so I tried to get people to commission me some drawings/digital paintings. It was hard and I only got one commission. I thought to myself "If I had money I would commission some art from some of these talented people." Well, now I have a job and some moneys to waste so I thought "Instead of commissioning a drawing or a painting which I can already do, I should get someone to make me music, which I suck at!" So I went to Fiverr and since I don't know anything about music I got discouraged but then I remember this site from my youth 20 years ago. (I actually used to read the comic Pretzel had before he started OCRemix! Nerd granpa here) So I'm just asking, are there any people here that take commissions? If not, where can I find a good place to commission someone? and how much do you think it should cost me? I don't know how hard making music is. Thanks Edit: The music I would commission if from a game, thus this website
  2. Don't remember that music but that game is so underrated. Needs more love.
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