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  1. There should be a minimum IQ requirement to post on this site.
  2. I noticed this too, especially when comparing to other Remixes on OCR. Bump up the reverb a load and try again. Its probably the effects that you need to play with.
  3. Hmmm, I rendered in point 6 hermite, and it sounds wonderful. Not a bit of quality loss at all. I mean, the Mp3 is fine, and I've never heard of Mp3s sounding any different from one computer to the next. So, what I hear now should be what everyone else will hear, correct? From what I've played around with, boosting it to Sync 256 seems to screw up some instruments, like speed them up to the point where they sound like beeps and fuzz. Some instruments aren't affected by this though. Well, I dunno, but either way, I can render flawlessly now, so I'm happy. Still odd though..
  4. Ok, tried the WAV...sounds even worse. Pretty much just more static throughout the whole thing. Beat Drop, I have a good feeling you right about the settings. There are hundreds of things I could have changed so far, and I'm currently going through and checking everything. I'm usuing soundfonts, could that have anything to do with it? Like, could it be the individual soundfont? UPDATE: Ive tried rendering about 50 times, and no luck. The Piano playing only a few of it's notes has me baffled, and I just recently noticed that some of my percussion is missing as well... Only me... Also, I'd like to thank jbnewberry for his help as well, I don't know how to send private messages, so I can't reply... I am in the midst of trying what you suggested though. Thanks for the help so far everyone. UPDATE: Well thanks everyone for your help! It ended up being a mixture of things I guess... I eventually flipped off alot of options.( for instance I found that every channel had the CUT GROUP enabled and set at different numbers. I also switched off High Quality Rendering in all my soundfonts.) I had also tried the advice of changing the quality to 6 point Hermite intead of the higher syncs. Well that hadn't done anything at first, but after messing with all those options, it finally worked. The entire mix suddenly flowed perfectly... I don't understand why this happened, but I'll always keep a copy of this mix to compare settings to in the future. Thanks again for your help everyone. And I even got a fun new plugin outta the deal..
  5. Didn't work... No difference at all. Thanks though! I appreciate the quick response.
  6. Ok...I'm new to Fruity Loops, and I've managed to solve my own problems up till now... Here's my dilemma. I am rendering what I've got so far and I keep having some sound quality problems. It sounds perfect when played in FruityLoops, but once I render it, ouch. I use the highest bitrate, and the highest possible quality on all settings. Still, I can't fix it. I tested multiple settings on and off, checked my channels...everything that I can think of. The sound problems seem to center around only a few instruments,(though I could be wrong), because some instruments come through crystal clear and perfect, but others start to crack and squeel a bit too. What's got me, is that the instruments that do it, are the ones that are around medium volume. My highest volume ones are perfect... One wierd thing, at least to me, is that the piano I put in, only plays a few notes. It seems to be random on the notes it chooses, though it's never two notes together, always spread out. This seems to be only a piano problem. I checked the polyphony, though I did disable the maximum anyway before render. Besides, its only one note on the piano at a time anyway... Am I missing something here? Maybe you guys could shed some light on what it could be, based on the above. Thanks in advance.
  7. In the top menu-----go to CHANNELS----ADD ONE---and choose Fruity Soundfont player from the list. The default Soundfont loaded is "Nineteen" for me...so, when you see that, its where the name of the soundfont will show up. Directly to the left is a folder, click that to import... Also, below is PATCH BANK NAME....you'll see that, trust me. if the word NONE is under name, then you need to click the word none. WHen you do, a window will open up and you can select the instrument. Sometimes a soundfont will contain multiple instruments. You can load them here. If you don't do the above, you will end up hearing nothing sometimes when you play a soundfont. At first I thought the fonts were broken when I did it, but I figured this out eventually. The default channel is a SAMPLE...which would be Wavs and stuff. I had the same problem when I first started using FL, had to figure it out on my own though... You have to use the plug in though to add soundfonts, so hopefully you have obtained the full version of FL, AND the full version of the SOUNDFONT player for FL...if not a p2p program is nice. Maybe if you typed in Fruity Soundfont you'd find it...but of course, that's all theoretical right?