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  1. Simple EDMish/electronic? arrangement of Sky Sanctuary Zone I made! Trying to learn to mix better. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Thank you! Yeah it is a bit of a reference to Zora's Domain! I wasn't sure if I should do more with it, I think I was just super focused on the idea that it was overall supposed to be Aquatic Ambience and ended up playing it safe cause of that, but it definitely would have spiced it up some more to come back to it. Do you have any specific advice for the drums? I think I should have put a little more reverb especially on the snare. Thanks for the comment :>
  3. I've only ever dabbled in doing music and remixing and figured with all the COVID and quarantine stuff it would a good time to put actual effort into learning. This is the first thing I've managed to complete start to finish! Feedback is appreciated
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