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  1. Thank you very much! Yes I will have to overlap the strings moving from note to note, and experiment with attack. I am unhappy with the string samples I am using, so I will look into the ones you suggested. Although for now generally I will assume that any problems are mine and not my equipment lol. I prefer to play yes. I am not really good on the keys, just competent. I find it too time consuming to click all the notes in. Although I was stuck on the train recently with my laptop and this was a good way to kill the time. In Kontakt there is an option where you can slightly randomise attributes of notes to what ever extent you wish. I am going to experiment with this to see if I can get clicking in the notes to sound less robotic. Maybe what you are using has this option?
  2. Hi I am wondering if I can get some advice on how to make this sound less fake, as I don't have access to real instruments. For example how much reverb and other effects to use, should I play it on keyboard, or click in the notes in, etc.
  3. Wow, thank you I will consider all that. I think I am at a stage where I will just seek advice grow and see where it takes me. I thought the link was incorrect as the song had no piano at first lol I will probably try to put more synths in my stuff in the future as I don't have access to real instruments.
  4. Hi, I am an aspiring composer. Please let me know if you like my songwriting. Constructive feedback is welcome! I know my piano playing isn't very good.
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