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  1. Here's a draft of the lyrics (I also included a speil in the beginning and end to give a more authentic ride experience) English: “Welcome to “It’s a Little Isle.” We are not responsible for your screaming kids. Please be careful of the giant hornets, we don’t need another lawsuit. And just a reminder: no swords, oversized blunderbusses or Luggage Salesmen. Thank you.” En Espanyol "Las cucarachas entran, pero no pueden salir." Kremlinglish: “ONK!” Verse1: It’s a little Isle That’s Full of crocodiles
  2. I finally updated the overall arrangement with a demo orchestra as best to my ability. Still looking for a collaborator for vocals and possibly updating the orchestral samples.
  3. I MAY have something... Anyone here think they can help me mix/master the final thing?
  4. So I have a series on youtube I've been working on for years. I started making the music a few years ago. Inspired by the Grant Kirkhope way, I have one central theme (Grunt's theme above) that is arranged to fit each character. Grunt's theme is an evil Russian march. It has lyrics found here: Next up, Col. Von Hindenburger's waltz. I figured out a way to make a cuckoo clock an instrument. It represents his decent into utter madness. Empress Pyrella is Grunt's wife. This is probably the best of the themes since I transformed the main Grunt theme into a
  5. So the official title will be "Bavarian Kackle", and since its been 2 months and I havn't gotten feedback from an evaluator I figure I'd bump this. Also Happy Halloween ja!.
  6. Well I guess I should write those lyrics and music to my DK64 Frantic Factory "Island of Misfit Toys" idea...
  7. Uploaded mine, and I'm running out of stupid ideas...
  8. ...Oh boy. Well I put creepy Castle in the Haunted Chase Polka but I guess I'll have to come up with something...
  9. An update to the arrangement (a Piano demo). Like I mentioned previously I'd love to collab on this.
  10. Thank you so much!!! Also I'm officially calling this cover "Bavarian Kackle Musik" because it rolls off the tongue better.
  11. So I made this mix a while ago and I'm looking for collaborators to make this mix the best it can be. Specifically tightening up the arrangement, vocals/lyric writing or orchestration. This is basically Welcome to Crocodile Isle in the Style of Disneyland's "Its a Small World" Instead of world folk styles, each part of the song references a world in DKC2. Gangplank Galleon Crocodile Cauldron Krem Quay Krazy Kremland Gloomy Gulch and K. Rool's keep. The beginning/end are Sherman Bros/Disneyfied versions of the main melody. I also threw bits of the Ga
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