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  1. An update to the arrangement (a Piano demo). Like I mentioned previously I'd love to collab on this.
  2. Or just "Bavarian Kackle" but you get the point.
  3. Thank you so much!!! Also I'm officially calling this cover "Bavarian Kackle Musik" because it rolls off the tongue better.
  4. So I made this mix a while ago and I'm looking for collaborators to make this mix the best it can be. Specifically tightening up the arrangement, vocals/lyric writing or orchestration. This is basically Welcome to Crocodile Isle in the Style of Disneyland's "Its a Small World" Instead of world folk styles, each part of the song references a world in DKC2. Gangplank Galleon Crocodile Cauldron Krem Quay Krazy Kremland Gloomy Gulch and K. Rool's keep. The beginning/end are Sherman Bros/Disneyfied versions of the main melody. I also threw bits of the Ga
  5. Update again. Only a piano demo but more or less the final arrangement. I added a waltz in the middle and shortened it. Still looking for a collaborator in terms of vocals/lyric writing. Or really any help would be great. Welcome to Kremland 4.mp3
  6. Gruntilda's known for hosting gameshows so...I arranged the main lair theme in the style of the jeopardy theme. Half of me just did this as a joke and the other half wants to make this legit. What do you think? and YES I built that puppet.
  7. An instrumental of a new Hindenburger commercial song I'm proud of the arrangement and lyrics. Someone pointed out it sounds like a Mel Brooks song which is the intention. I still have to record the lyrics. But let me know what you think! Lyrics: Eat at the Hindenburger Our burgers are renown from shore to shore Ve may be very strict und our food may make you sick But we had nothing to do with the war! No sir! “Burgers Burgers, made of pony guts Spleens und organs und their
  8. Yes I sure did! Thank you! And the Ticket Takers laugh is my demented mix of Woody Woodpecker and Judge Doom. I have to increase the pitch by 5 decimals because the joke is he swollowed a tank of helium when he was 7 years old and his voice kinda stayed that way.
  9. Another original song. Probably my favorite arrangement of my main theme (Every puppet character I created has a lietmotif that's their own version of the main character's theme) I wrote the lyrics/composed the tune, my friend Ian Rees mixed/ upgraded the VSTs/ sang the voice of the creepy doll choir. Lard Land is the anti disneyland. A hazardous bucket of blood fun park run by a clinically insane looney toon of a carny. I voiced the Ticket Taker and Shark Pirate, whilst my friend Courtney Mills voiced Tickette the head Insaniteer. I built/created all the puppets too. Let me know what you thin
  10. Wow! Thank you! My recording setup isn't the best. I also suck at mixing/mastering but I'm glad you liked the voice! It took years for me to refine it so that it doesn't hurt my throat lol.
  11. I'm still looking for a vocalist. Preferably one that sounds like this:
  12. Thanks! Glad you like it! Trust me, the puppet music video will be nuts. I updated the instrumental slightly.
  13. An unreleased song I've YET to make a puppet music video for. An homage to "My Favorite Things" from the sound of music with an incredibly morbid twist. Sung by my original character Gruntin S. Veizatun, who'sa miserable demon croc dictator. I did the music, lyrics and vocals.
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