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  1. When I first came to this site back in February or March of this year, MegaMan 3 songs were the first ones I checked out. Out of all the many, many songs, discodan's were my favorites, so I was ecstatic to see a new song by him, and it didn't let me down. Classic. The one minor thing I didn't like was the repeated ending, it just didn't sound right.
  2. Wow. I don't post much here, but I had to put my 2 cents in. Being the heathen I am, I've never played Zelda 64.... *hides in the corner* .... However, as other people have stated, this song isn't just for video game purists, but for anyone with an appreciation for music. Pachabel's Canon has alway been one of my favorite classical pieces, and the way it is used in this piece is great. 2 thumbs way up!! Great work djpretzel!!!
  3. I only noticed about 3 very, very minor differences compared to the original, but it's still one of the best remixes ever!!! Great job Jared!!!
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