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  1. I just don't understand why I can see everyone's games, but noone can see mine or each others'. I just tried it again with someone else, and it worked exactly the same as Corp and CH. I'm confused, frankly.
  2. Yes I is, and I have forwarded any ports that might be able to be forwarded. Also noone can join my games.
  3. i refuse to read anything in this thread it is too long
  4. this happened at least 5 times by different people
  5. I know it gets worse later on, but I think my Galka WHM started out with more MP than my Hume did.
  6. Well, they're much more suited for defensive jobs like Monk and Paladin and Warrior. I have yet to try a mage, though I'm probably going to level everything to 20 on my Galka before I move something to 30 and work on the advanced jobs. I just decided to create him just to screw around with. Nearly finished the chocobo license quest for him.
  7. I've learned that Galka are much better than Humes. T_T
  8. You guys must play on some shitty servers... I've not had any of the problems with server economy or time restraints that you guys seem to.
  9. Okay, thread was aimed at people who might PLAY FFXI. If you don't like FFXI and would instead prefer to make a favoritism thread about WoW, get out.
  10. Yeah, but every time I glance at any Warcraft-related story it seems more and more 'hey we shat this... out our ass'.
  11. The new jobs aren't really any more soloable than the others, but they've added a lot of things that make it easier to solo overall. A recent update adds an effect to Signet (and Sanction, the Aht Urghan equivalent) that makes it so you don't lose TP while resting as long as it's active. Red Mage is VERY soloable, especially with the right subjob, Ninja is relatively soloable if you know what you're doing, Dragoon is fairly soloable, with a few drawbacks, Beastmaster was practically MADE to solo with, Puppetmaster is indeed very easy to solo, but can and will become very expensive, and Blue Mage is very soloable early on, but gets very difficult to solo mid-levels (around 25-40ish) until you get the ability to self-skillchain/magic burst.
  12. Batallia Downs me love you long time But yeah, if anyone wants to create a character on Hades, I created a relatively new Galka Monk (level 10) and I would be willing to powerlevel anyone up to 10 to party with him, or higher if someone joins late or something. I don't care what nation you choose, but I prefer Bastok or Windurst, so yeah.
  13. .... That's actually the reasons why I don't play Lineage 2, incidentally.
  14. Well, if anyone feels like playing again, play Hades. I'd be willing to powerlevel anyone up to and possibly past 10. And if I don't, I'll party with you. Oh, also, they added a table game to the game resembling the Corsair's Roll. Basically you bet whatever the table amount is, then roll dice till you either hit 11 (maximum), or bust at 12+.
  15. My two highest levels are healers/support so don't worry about it.
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