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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IPA_for_English
  2. no i was talking about thread subscriptions =**=
  3. how do i make it so i don't get an e-mail every time someone wants to smother me with attention edit: found the button thx guys
  4. is slut the pre-op tranny? i don't remember
  5. Also, hm... I recognize your SN, Falchion. You're that guy who plays (played?) CyberNations and was in NPO way back in summer '06, right? Do you still play?
  6. Goddammit, I forwarded the ports wrong. http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WNR834B/Joint_Operations_Typhoon_Rising.htm Someone explain to me in simple terms what I'm supposed to do because evidently I have no idea what I'm doing.
  7. http://www.yougetsignal.com/openPortsTool/ This thing tells me that the port is closed for just about any number I put in, even though I'm pretty sure port 80 should work given that I'm able to troll teh internets in the first place.
  8. argh it still doesn't work. I definitely forwarded ports 32768-32787 on my router correctly (or at least I really hope so or else I'm a gigantic douchebag), put hamachi at the top of the network adapter bindings, and made hamachi's default gateway and had Demitri do the same. I still can't see his games. CH and others might be able to see my games or I might be able to see theirs, but I really doubt it. Anyone know wtf is going on? Or at least how to check if ports are really definitely being forwarded?
  9. There are no search filters, in the LAN screen there is only a box for the screenname, a list of servers (empty before you search), a button for "Search," a button for "Join Game," and a button for "Host Game." There are no networking options for this game. Edit: Here is a section from the .cfg file: // MULTIPLAYER mpipaddressstring = "" mpgateserverlocalportmin = "49152" mpgateserverlocalportmax = "65536" mpgateserverlocalportdelta = "1" mpgateserverlocalportrandom = "0" mpnovaworldportmin = "32768" mpnovaworldportmax = "65535" mpnovaworldportdelta = "1" mpnovaworldportrandom = "0
  10. Right so me and some dudes (Demitri and CH) are trying to play Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising over Hamachi. I'll be short: -Both CH and I are behind routers (not sure about Demitri). -I am not behind a software firewall. -For me, neither Demitri's nor CH's hosted games show up in the LAN games list (i.e. it's empty when it shouldn't be!) -Demitri can join both my and CH's hosted games, but CH and I can't join each other's. -Demitri and I can't ping CH, but CH can ping us and we can ping each other. -No, there isn't an option to join a specific IP in the LAN games list (there is only a
  11. Holy crap, I have a DVD burner (HP 840b) that refuses to read DVDs and goes into PIO mode whenever it shits on itself. It's annoying as hell. In general whenever a drive is going a lot slower than it really should be, that's the reason for it. I never did fix the DVD burner (as far as I know, I don't try to play DVDs on it anymore), but it's not a big deal since this computer came with a DVD-ROM drive anyway and the DVD burner reads and burns CDs just fine - except the shitty Memorex 52x disks. I'm honestly not sure which company is more to blame here for that - HP or Memorex.
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