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  1. Just so you know, this is my first review, and probably one of the few I've ever do. This piece just amazed me, I saw the comments that it sounded SNES-y and it does and it's fricking awesome! I think the cool thing is that the instruments sound kinda simple, but the awesome content of the piece makes the simplistic sound awesome, so much is going on in the piece, and it just sounds great. Congratulations on an incredibly awesome piece and I'd love to hear more. The length is short, which is a bit bad because I really want more, but you definitely didn't drag out this piece like many people often do with their pieces, so that's good too. And hey, the short length really makes me (and I'm sure others) want more (uh I already said that) so that's cool too then. Thank you very much for posting this!
  2. I'm sure you don't get enough recognition, so I wanted to say that this was just an awesome remix! It is so unique and just so beautiful, I just want to cry when i listen to it, and yeah, that's embarressing to say..so I'll just end it here before I embaress myself some more.
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