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  1. The City of Thor was my favorite music from Tales of Phantasia, and I was worried that, as is the case with so many remixes on this site, that efforts to make the song "tecnoish" would completely ruin the integrity of this dark, eerie music. Now listening to it for about the fifth time, I realize my fears were completely groundless--this remix is nearly PERFECT. The strings at the beginning are beautiful and eerie, and the remix takes off from there through a roller coaster of ups and downs--in volume, not quality. The remix expands on the relatively quiet game music, turning it into a thrilling arrangement of dark and powerful sound, and, just for good measure, quiets down to the original melody several times along the way. This is exactly what I would expect out of a Thor remix, and I can only hope future mixers will follow the example of this extraordinarily talented artist.
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