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  1. Really love the introduction on this one—builds in a nice way, super textural, and instantly catches my interest! Great track.
  2. Obsessed with how great the drums are 😍 Stunning arrangement and performance all around!
  3. This is so gorgeous! @pixelseph's comment also seems to imply it's all midi programmed, not live played, which is blowing my mind. Stunning piece.
  4. Definitely want to get in on this! Maybe with a Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbidden West arrangement?
  5. I agree with @H36T, but additionally, I'm dying for the rest of the melody to come in earlier. There's a decent amount of material to work with, but you're not really utilizing anything but that opening line. Love the style, but definitely want more of the original melody to come in sooner!
  6. Hi folks! Working on making a version of Chrono Trigger's "Guardia Millennial Fair" that sounds like it's taking place at night, rather than during the day. Hoping to get feedback on: Whether this feels okay to submit — it's short, and uses a layer of samples from Splice to bring in ✨ vibes ✨ How's the instrumentation? Anything clashing, or any parts need improvement? How's the mix? Anything too loud or too quiet? Does the panning seem okay? Appreciate any and all feedback! Remix https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k0hbo00u9akm6m/Millennial Fair Night.wav?dl=0 Original
  7. Just checking — both the rhythm and specific drum samples sound like trap here? I might be able to record something on a live kit soonish which would definitely help with both tone and humanization ?I did tweak the velocity on the drums (since I'm much more...aurally? aware of that than any other instrument, especially things like guitar, brass, and woodwinds) but probably not enough. The biggest trouble I'm having with programming drums into my DAW is like... getting what I hear/feel in my head down into notes. Like, I know how I'd want it to sound if I was actually playing it at a kit, but translating that has been a struggle. Maybe I'll also practice transcribing drum parts from songs down into my DAW as an exercise.
  8. Thanks @timaeus222, I really appreciate you taking the time to review my song, and for offering such great examples. I'll keep iterating!
  9. Hey, this is sound rad! One thing I noticed is that your drums sound pretty mechanical — I'd recommend varying the note length, moving some slightly off the grid, and changing the velocity to accent certain hits. You could also try varying up the rhythm a little bit more, even if it's just changing the pattern of the hi-hats. When your double bass drum comes in at the end, it might be good to lead into so many kicks, instead of going straight from your looser kick rhythm into the face-crushing kicks. Let me know if this makes sense! This article has some good tips on programming drums: https://audient.com/tutorial/programming-realistic-drums/
  10. Really loving this! Is that the ending you're going for, or do you think you'll add on another section? Wondering because it feels like it gains so much power and then kind of fizzles out.
  11. Hi folks! I've been working on a remix to Suikoden's "Rock Rockland." Remix title still TBD (ideas always welcome!). I'm relatively new to composition; I started learning at the beginning of the pandemic, when I needed to transition my drum lessons online. Since it's hard to play drums over Zoom, my instructor pivoted to teaching me music theory and composing in DAWs. I recently finished a Chrono Cross lofi EP, but it's not up to the quality expected here. Since then I've been working on another remix hoping to polish it enough to submit. Kind of dorky, but I've been wanting to make vg remixes since I started listening to OC Remix in high school. I started this remix earlier in the year and then dropped it; I'm glad that I did, because I like this direction much more (and have since moved from Garageband into Ableton Live). Remix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnr0xc489jaskhv/rock-rockland.mp3?dl=0 I'm hoping to get feedback on... How's the mix? Anything standing out too much, or anything fading too much into the background? Is there enough variety between each section to keep it interesting? Does the mix vary enough from the original arrangement? Does anything seem technically incorrect? General thoughts/feedback? Worth submitting? Thanks in advance! Original:
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