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  1. A pity, the ones I heard so far were interesting, although so much more anime has been released in the last 11 years too... and 104, in comparison to the thousands here, are so few...
  2. Yeah, The Damned, but I thought a lot of people who played games also watched... some games, like Jeanne D'arc, have anime within... AnimeRemix says "rewritten to be inline with https://ocremix.org/info/Content_Policy" - does that mean that applies to both sites? Even if it doesn't sound so much like it? It's not like it says on every song, too. And they really only have 104, latest 11 years ago...? I'm guessing it's an archive or such...
  3. They were just some typos, but really shouldn't wikis be used for anyone to edit? Why would I waste 20 seconds to explain something when I could have fixed it in 3 secs? You could review edits too, if you're worried about that...
  4. Unless I'm missing some obvious link, I can't find any to create accounts there...
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