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  1. I added a lot to it - haven't finished it yet....

  2. I second this =) Great song. Once my Master's in CS is done, I'll consider doing some more remixes =)
  3. Did you ever finish your FF6 Deformed remix of the world of ruin?

  4. This song was officially released recently ( http://www.animeremix.org/remix/96/ ). Lira provided some amazing vocals, it's good to see she came back to visit ocremix. (Apologies for IE users, patch will be incoming to fix some formatting issues).
  5. Absolutely amazing work - This is one of those songs that I'll have on my iPod with 5 stars for quite some time. I haven't given reviews in a while, but this one simply takes my hat off. Great sound engineering, great guitar work, amazing drum work, very fluid transitions, pure emotion, and a great drive throughout the piece. 5 stars, no less.
  6. Xaleph


    I'm such a sucker for Clamp in general - with that said I'd have to say that Code Geass R2 was probably my favorite Anime this summer. I thought that it was going to lose some steam since season one broke the 'novelty barrier' so to say. They really added a lot of great twists to the series and some new concepts that made the second season feel fresh. I do feel that if a third season rolls out, however, it's going to be more difficult to keep the same feeling. With that said, I still haven't seen the last episode. I don't want to watch it half-heartily in the morning before work, so I have
  7. I know I'm digging this thing up from the dead but I thought I'd chime my two cents. I was in the beta test for Reason 4 and I even submitted enough bugs that I would have gotten a discount on Reason 4.0. I even bought it and while it was shipping I had it returned. I've used Reason since it's first version and once 3.0 was released, I was already looking on switching - and it's not because Reason 'sucks', it's because I felt limited by Reason with regards to work flow, sound engineering, and synth creation. The sound quality of Reason sounds great in Reason, and it sounds great when you Rew
  8. I loved spike tv for this - playing the old versions of Indiana Jones within the last week was a nice 'prep' for this new film. This way we can see all the new wrinkles and gray patches the guy has =D. Seriously, Harrison Ford rocks, but dude is old.
  9. I'm doing something on Anime Remix like this in the next release (goal is before June)... BUT... The mouse-over popup menu thingy that you're using is currently 'under' the fm play <object> tag. This is some code from AR that I used to fix this problem. It's real simple but it was a pain to find the solution online. <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> Oh, and of course you should add it to embed just for browser compatibility issues <embed ... wmode="transparent" ... /> This will allow divs with the proper index the availability to appear over this kind of obj
  10. He always treated me with great respect. He was very sincere and talented with his music and apparently with his sports & modeling. I wish we had more great men like him. With regards to Anime Remix - we had some amazing feedback with regard from some of his submissions, and the quality and emotion in these tracks inspired many of us to push musically to achieve the same level of excellence. Truly a great musician with a big heart. My sincere prayers and condolences to his family and friends.
  11. That just made my week - seriously, I'm like trippin' now.
  12. Songs can now be downloaded (Votes sent to OverCoat)
  13. Absolutely amazing entries so far. We really have some top quality mixes and only a few more hours before the end of the competition. I'll have a little bit of a grace period for late remixes (but don't push it). Good luck -xaleph
  14. Yeah you can submit it to either soc or myself before the deadline. I certainly don't mind accepting them - I'll be putting them up on an ftp for soc and myself to consolidate the material before putting it up for votes.
  15. Considering I'm partial to trance, heavy guitars, and industrial - it would be hard for me to rate the majority of these songs with anything less than a 9/10. I would have to say some of my favorite guitar heavy pieces are: 1.1) LuizA - Materia Junkie - Absolutely amazing guitar work and interpretation of the original song. I can honestly say that if I remixed this piece I would have done something along the exact same lines. Hit me up sometime if you want to collab. This is probably my favorite song on the album. Seriously fucking amazing. 1.2) norg, SnappleMan - Full Frontal Assault -
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