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  1. I'm planning on writing some Christmas songs for https://www.animeremix.org - I can attach them to this event as well if you'd like.
  2. reminder if you do a TV/cartoons/anime (claymation and still frame count) - you can submit it to https://animeremix.org
  3. For daily composition practice, I upgraded this song a bit. Maybe I'll put it up on SoundCloud if I get it to a finished state. It isn't easy to update a song without rewriting it entirely while also making sure it does not sound dated.
  4. This round had some awesome mixes - great job everyone!
  5. Not sure if it's too late - but I'll join either of the teams.
  6. Trying to figure if I'll keep the 7/8 as intended or force it to be 4/4. Probably stick with 7/8 and somehow make it work. Kinda wish I started this sooner - but it's going to be a fun song one way or another 😃
  7. Around 40 hours left! https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/ARHC4
  8. I put you both for the normal version of the stage mentioned by both - if you want the critical version of the song instead, let me know and I'll update it. I appreciate your contributions!
  9. Women's World Cup Compo 2023 https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/ARHC4 Start date July 24, 2023 End date August 10, 2023 Vote by August 15, 2023 It's the women's world cup! We're excited to host the world cup 2023 compo event! The source is pretty simple - soccer video games or animated films. The theme must follow one of the three themes: Practice (if you've ever watched professionals practice, many times they have some high-energy theme music for practicing) In-game (in a game - it's tense, so the music here is intense theme music) Victory (when you win there must be some kind of victory theme no?) When you submit - make sure you explain what theme(s) you used and how it applies to soccer (or the women's world cup 2023)! The rules for the compo are simple: No plagiarism Songs should fit the theme of the event (as described in the competition) Songs should be based on a video game or animated film soundtrack that originated in that film/vg. Songs should be based on content that is age appropriate (avoid adult movies) Songs will need to be uploaded on Thasauce (https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/ARHC4) in order to get votes @starla provided an example of an in-game "intense" theme: AnimeNewsNetwork has a good article on animes to watch for the world cup: https://www.awn.com/news/crunchyroll-celebrates-world-cup-soccer-themed-anime-lineup
  10. If it's not taken - Sign me up for Chapter Seven Dragon Warrior (Iwata worked on localizing Dragon Quest to bring it to America)
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