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    Travelling, grinding, being the best I can be

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    I love Arma 3, editing, sports and music composing. Living a healthy lifestyle.
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    Markus Helenius
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    Producer/Crypto Miner
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    FL Studio
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    Waves, Wa.Productions, Izotope
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    Mixing & Mastering
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
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    Singing / Rapping

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  1. I just had this dream about Megaman DR Wily Stage. It brang me all the amazing childhood memories of that amazing but hard game. It was 24th of december 2021 and then got to work by morning of December 25th. Created this remix in just under 4 hours. I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. I was trying to keep some of the authenticity with it to have some old school game tone to it. What are your Megaman memories. Is there some other tracks you remember of the game?
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