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  1. Thanks for the kind words! While recording ambient works isn't really "my thing," I will certainly try and find some other game songs to try and arrange in the genre, as it was quite fun to do and a welcome change of pace from my usual rock-based work. Glad everyone is enjoying!
  2. zachaction

    MnP 74: Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Battle

    Gario, I appreciate your very constructive criticism of my submission. I agree that the velocities would need a ton of work. As I said, I just did the FFL2 soundtrack in this style purely as a personal labor of love a couple years ago. The "two handed" limitation of the piano is something I'm aware of, but I was never going for realism-- just wanted something cool to listen to in the car! But I did want to thank you for your review and suggestions, and the same goes to hoboka and Zorrakh. Long live this beautiful underrated soundtrack!
  3. I was unaware of RushJet1 before this. I promptly headed to his bandcamp page, donated, and downloaded his entire catalog.
  4. zachaction

    Double Dragon 3 - Mission 3 (Japan) Remix

    Wow, I'd say both the arrangement and the mix are fantastic! Has a really great energy and vibe and the musicianship is flawless. Love the room sound of the mix as well. If I was absolutely pressed to give one piece of constructive criticism, it's that the piano is a little wide across the stereo spectrum for me in a mix like this as opposed to a solo piano piece. But I'm not all that familiar with jazz and that may very well be a common mic'ing and mixing technique in the genre. At any rate, you should be really proud of this and it's nice to hear something so polished from a game that doesn't get much treatment. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I've always loved this theme and its Brian Eno-ish vibe. I did this rendition just for myself but thought the community here may enjoy it. It's not much more than a simple instrument-replacement and I'm not pretending otherwise. But just a nice track to put on while you're working. Hope it finds some listeners!
  6. Hello all, I recently completed a conversion of the OST of Final Fantasy Legend II for the Gameboy (Sa・Ga2: Hihō Densetsu) into piano tracks. I won't pretend that I did any sort of complex arrangement or anything of the sort; I took midi dumps of both FFL2 and the DS remake (Goddess of Destiny) and tried to make them as musically realistic as possible. They sound great but are more of a "piano roll"-type sound, that is, something that couldn't really be played with just two hands (with some exceptions). At any rate, this game had some phenomenal music and I think you'll find that these piano versions do it justice. Check it out!
  7. zachaction

    OCR02757 - Final Fantasy VI 'Bad Octopus'

    Like I said about "Endless Stair," this is the best possible version of the source material. A+.
  8. This is one of my favorite tracks from B&R. The whole album is great obviously, but to me, the best tracks are the ones that make THE BEST POSSIBLE-SOUNDING VERSION of the original. "The Endless Stair" is the absolute best that the Tower of Fanatics theme can be. The mood is flawless and the buildup is impeccable. I applaud Argle for his contribution and point to the fact that I finally registered in this forum just to post this.