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  1. I had this song requested in the request section for about 6 months now...YOU THE MAN DAN!
  2. I think the mix is excellent - I know I don't post much but did anyone think 1:06 was kinda funky or just me? I think the mp3 maybe a bit funked up. Check that shiznit out! Thanks! It's awsome besides that!
  3. This is saaaweeet! I seem to have a habit of posting only when I really really like the song and this be one of them. Awsome work man
  4. I recognized the song around the 1 minute mark. I think its a cool mix. I enjoy the soothing sound it has. It reminds me of DJ PRetzels SunkenSuite which I think is amazing and I think more piano versions of songs should be made because I usually listen to this stuff while I'm doing homework Good Work Dude
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