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  1. I just joined. F@H username is also Z-Saber.
  2. If you haven't been paying attention, please read very carefully: Akira Yamaoka is confirmed as the musical director for the film and is going to compose all new music to fit this media. Yes, that means you won't have to wait until Silent Hill 5 to hear more of Akira Yamaoka's work. The music you heard in the introduction was simply a montage of Yamaoka's works that were simply substitutes until the first real trailer, which will more likely contain the new, original music. I actually was aware of that, but it was still exciting to hear Yamaoka work in the trailer, even if it isn't original.
  3. The trailer looked good and all, but I was more excited that they used music from the games.
  4. I think we should all plan on being on at a specific time and date, so we can all play. How long has it been since we've done that? And, if it goes well, people will be encouraged to play more.
  5. I totally almost did that. Saw them at BestBuy, wondering if I could make a profit, but sadly I passed.
  6. That's the reason I don't play anymore. When I do end up getting on, no one else is on and I have no fun with random matchmaking people.
  7. Wait, you just broke a cord? What cord was it? The A/V cord or the power cord? Or maybe a controller cord? All of those are easily replaced.
  8. You'd be wrong in doing that. There was an OCR clan previous to this one. This clan was rebirthed due to the inactivity of me and Decrescendo as overlords of the last clan.
  9. Tell them that if they want to remain in the clan, come to this site, register on the forum, post in this thread, and learn to enjoy the music or die.
  10. Bringing non-OCR people into games is fine, as long as there are plent of empty spots. Bringing non-OCR people into the OCR clan is not fine.
  11. Been a while since I've played Cave Story so I don't quite remember Monster X, but I do remember the core. The core itself is godly, but the trip there is almost equally so as well.
  12. Absolutely ditto'd. I would scold everyone in the clan for not getting on... and here I am... not playing Halo 2...
  13. Your post/joke/lame attempt at humor My head
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