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  1. Wow Pretzel you satisfied my hunger again with your groovy style ! Wonderful you are a genius !
  2. Wow !! Very cool piece!! I like the instrumentation, the mastering, and the playing! great !! Impressive
  3. I don't notice any problem with trebles. Instead I would prefer more of those hidden sub frequencies Very spacey, fresh ambience. Yeah !
  4. This remix is epic. Awesome piece for me !!! I don't know the original though,so it is just a unique piece on its own for me. I think it is perfect. Expressiveness is great ! Thank you so much Darkesword I am delighted still after the 100th time I listen to it.
  5. Whoaaa,other good stuff from Darkesword ! I am definitely happy when I listen to this song and looking at the sky like with "Hot Ice".... I think too that better mastering would improve the listening experience.....
  6. I am very glad for those who enjoy my mix. Thanx for reviews. I will do more on the future, better, music and sound are fantastic....Gambarimasu ! Shion
  7. I love the remixes from Rayza and this is also simply beautiful like others.Very simple and happy
  8. I have been listening to it for many times.I love it It definitely merit to be developed!For example the percussions and roll variations.It is cool! What a shame is all so mono,it has to be lively,expand it please!Beautiful leads!
  9. Beautiful! I like the skyish delay,the bass sound,and the other instruments,the groove and how the flute solo start.And the ending. I don't like the faint bass drum and the dominant snare,and how the flute solo continues(the notes on his 3 bar).
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