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  1. I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I had a hard time with Miguel in Chrono Cross...I probably sound like I really suck, but for some reason, that guy was a total pain in the ass for me.
  2. I beat the ROM of Rockman and Forte ages ago with both characters (I believe), and I didn't find anything about that game very challenging... But it's kind of irritating: Bass is better than Megaman in almost every espect in that game. Sure, he may not have a charge shot and can't shoot while he runs, but he has rapid-fire...and the dash...There was no balance between characters. Oh, and Culex isn't from any Final Fantasy game. (I was wrong. So sue me.) In fact, Culex's opening speech was supposed to openly mock the FF series' drama and such. (And they deserve to be mocked, especially by Nint
  3. Nope. From what I remember, Culex is either from the hard Japanese version of FFIV or from either the true FFII or III that were never released in the States. And he's not really hard if you use Geno's best magic and a whole bunch of Rock Candies. But either way, he was a damn cool boss. "I am matter...I am antimatter...I consume time...and I will consume you!!!" Another easy boss: the Dodongo from the original Legend of Zelda. I mean, good God! All you have to do is drop a couple bombs in his path and he's dead!!!
  4. Tricky, but not really difficult. EDIT: Wait, there IS something hard about SMRPG...and that's trying to get enough consecutive Super Jumps to get that special armor.
  5. NOTHING about Super Mario RPG is hard.
  6. Richter also has a maneuver to get him through spikes unharmed. And another easy boss...Shaft. With Alucard or Richter. With Alucard, you can just shred his ass with the Crissaegrim. With Richter, just Holy Rain him a few times and he's done-for.
  7. Speaking of Symphony of the Night...Did anyone else besides me actually have fun playing as Richter? .......Anybody?
  8. The Executioner in Skies of Arcadia was a huge pain in the ass before I learned how effective Tackle was against him. And there's Nightmare from Metroid Fusion...It's easy for about the first half of the fight, but then it starts to move around...and it does a HELLUVA lot of damage when it collides with you.
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