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  1. I see Big Giant Circles also gives permission to use any tracks hosted on OCRemix

    "You must purchase the music legally. (Note, using my freely-available remixes is fine too)"

    Do you have a similar policy to that? Using your freely-available remixes?

    Honestly I've got a tiny Youtube channel and got sick of getting hassled by Content ID handling companies, but now I just love listening to these remixes whilst making my videos, and enjoy letting others listen to them too!

    Yes, go right ahead!

  2. In the last couple years, Steam has branched into stuff like music production software - Cakewalk, z3ta, etc. I want to throw my hat in the ring with Shreddage 2:


    Steam has some really nice advantages for music software like this. It provides a dead-easy way of downloading your purchases, and keeps stuff updated at all times. You can easily download to multiple computers and gift to friends. I'm excited at the possibilities of having virtual instruments on there and as far as I know, Shreddage would be the first sample-based instrument.

    So, if you think it's a cool idea, give it a vote. Thanks! :nicework:

  3. The key to getting stronger at squats is, IMO, to just do more squats :-) Stuff like curls and leg presses aren't bad but squats are a major compound movement, and getting better requires doing them more. You might consider doing more sets, maybe? For example when I squat I always do 4 sets, sometimes 5. I start with a very light set like 50-100 pounds x 10 just to get a feel for it and get my form right. Then I do 1 plate x10, 2 plates x8, and 2+25 or 2+35. On the smith machine I have gone up to 3 plates + 35 though I think the smith really works against by back injury.

    I'd be curious to see your form... I'm far from an expert but my squat is my best lift by far so I might have some thoughts at least.

  4. Yeah I don't mean to say that SF4 is as technical as some other games, but to me it's more technical than SF2 (my favorite) or SF3, by a pretty big margin... I spent hours and hours in training trying to nail down 1-frame links. Plus IMO the really low damage/high health makes the game feel more hopeless when you're behind. In SF2 you can have a sliver and get a crazy comeback in just a couple seconds. It's so hype.

    I'm really not a big fan of focus attacks and focus canceling at all. To me there is such a thing as too much focus on mechanics/execution and focus attacks.. again, just my perspective... add a lot of complexity in exchange for not a lot of extra fun or depth.

  5. ISW_Holiday_Sale_VI.jpg

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  6. Hey I'm selling some audio gear.

    1. RME HDSPe AIO PCI-e interface. This is the #1 rated audio interface in the world. It has the best, most stable drivers, best for low latency performance. $600+ship.

    2. Universal Audio Solo610 tube preamp/DI. Super pro and super analog. $850+ship.

    3. Presonus Firestudio Project firewire interface. Nice all-purpose interface. $200+ship.

    4. LittleScale GenMDM. This is a VERY rare Sega Genesis cartridge (with accompanying MIDI chip for the controller port) that allows you to trigger and sequence the Sega genesis synthesizer with standard MIDI. $250+ship.

  7. That's a good question which you're simply asking of the wrong side. Milo writes like that because he's an inflammatory asshole, the rest of gamergate has been objectively demonstrated to be ~85-90% neutral at minimum. If the narrative isn't about demonizing or attacking people why did this start with things like "pissbaby" and "obtuse shitslinger" and devolve to racial slurs and similar from there?

    I'm merely pointing out that given Gamergate's reputation, it would behoove its supporters and proponents not to engage in that kind of ad hominem.

    Ironically enough you've unintentionally brought up a double standard yourself: Why is it that people who either choose to stay in their home, or are not wealthy and well-connected enough to be able to drop everything and leave, aren't considered real victims?

    When did I say other people who have been doxxed (etc) aren't real victims?

    Look, most of your posts can be distilled to the following.

    (a) Bad stuff happened to people that are anti-gamergate? Well, even WORSE stuff happened to people that are PRO-gamergate!

    (B) Pro-gamergate people did something bad? Well, anti-gamergate people did something WORSE!

    The point has been made a number of times in this thread (and repeatedly by TotalBiscuit, if it matters!) that using vague labels, dehumanizing people who disagree with you, and entrenching yourself further and further in your "camp" is not conducive to civility, discourse, and understanding. And I'm sure that as you read this you're already thinking of a way to type "But ANTI-GG people....."

    As far as I'm aware, EVERYONE in this thread condemns harassment. None of us support racism, misogyny, or death threats. None of us think it's OK to mail syringes, none of us think it's OK to doxx people, etc etc. Nobody is arguing that doxxing or harassment is bad when gamergaters do it, and OK when someone anti-gamergate does it. Full stop. So let's continue with that in mind.

    The reason I post about things that paint GG in a bad light is because I actually care about stuff like transparency and ethics in game journalism, better disclosures, etc. All of that stuff is really great and while I wasn't particularly offended, upset, or frustrated with the state of game journalism previously, it's nice to see positive changes being made.

    So, when I see needless ad hominem, an obsession with attacking feminist issues and game developers that are unrelated to game journalism, and other such things, I see that as not being productive toward reaching a primary goal of GG, which is better game journalism. And yes, I know that anyone can be a part of the movement, and different people have different goals, but please don't try to say that improving game journalism is no longer a major goal ;)

    Now, of course there are folks who are anti-gg, some small fraction of whom are engaging in bad behavior. As mentioned repeatedly, this should be condemned. But I'm not posting about that because anti-gg is not a movement. It's not even really a hashtag. It's just an opinion that someone has ("I don't like gamergate", or "I don't like some gamergate supporters"). If some people want to dislike gamergate, they are welcome to! As long as they're not harassing, doxxing, etc.

    But again, anti-gg is not a 'movement' trying to achieve something. If someone who doesn't like gamergate does something bad, I don't think they are hurting any sort of cause or goal, since "I don't like gamergate" is not a cause or a goal. And that's why I don't devote any posts to behavior + activity of people who consider themselves anti-gg.

  8. Re: Milo's piece, the critiques on her viewpoints etc are all well and good, but again, it's amazing how often Gamergate supporters like Milo engage in ad hominem. If the narrative is not about demonizing or attacking specific individuals, then why continue with the personal attacks?

    Also a lot of very strange double standards in the article. He says that GamerGate supporters have experienced real disruption to their lives, contrasting that with people like Quinn, Wu, and Sarkeesian... and yet he himself verified with the FBI that people had made death threats against Anita, and both Wu & Quinn moved out of their homes as a result of doxxing. So... how is their experience not "real"?

    He talks about online harassment and how 'Men are almost twice as likely to receive Twitter abuse as women, according to Demos.', seemingly indicating that it is a problem.. but then later, "The response of most people, famous or otherwise, is to ignore trolls. They are just words on the internet." OK? So which is it? Does he care about harassment online via Twitter or not?

    There's a lot more to talk about but I don't have the time or patience. I'm all for talking about arguments about games, culture, media, feminism, etc. and why they may or may not hold water. Dave's made some good points throughout this thread and given quite a bit of material to read, especially from authors like Pinker.

  9. Impact Soundworks has launched our Black Friday sale! Get JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools and CELESTIA: Heavenly Sound Design as a bundle for 50% off - only $149 for nearly 10gb of stunning custom and hybrid instruments.

    The bundle also includes free preview/bonus content from our upcoming ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design library, plus a cross grade coupon for when ReForged launches in early December. Available this week only!







  10. Don't move goalposts. Your comment about Cumulus Media was directly mentioning the parent of a specific media entity.

    Aside from that, I would be very surprised if they didn't pull in at least an order of magnitude more than $50k/yr just from their job board.

    Guest writers at all new media companies ranges from low to zero. That's part of how they work.

    I'm not moving goalposts. Rush Limbaugh has a deal DIRECTLY with Cumulus and NOT a subsidiary.


    Email carpet bombing advertisers on Gamasutra is not the same scenario as boycotting Rush's advertisers in terms of scale, scope, etc.

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