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  1. No, it's not that it's a beta. I've never heard that one before. It is, however, that pirated versions of FL tend to be missing samples found in the demo projects. I know because it happened to me when I tried to pirate it (for the record I actually did buy the producer edition). i still dont get it... i innadvertently fixed this problem for someone once. or am i full of it, and just confused, and or dont know wtf im talking about...
  2. dude, i cant thank you enough skul. i was getting really aggrivated with FL. now i suppose i'll stick with them... we'll see if i still talk like that AFTER i check the prices EDIT:Hotdamn! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. What was i even THINKING using that restricted 3.56. , 4.1 with no strings attatched is the best thing ive seen since liquid numbness (viscious lydacane)! It may seem like a no brainer, or a way too easy question to have answered. But it made a world of difference for me. And its gonna allow me to actually enjoy making music instead of having to go through the motions to prepare myself to make music. One last question. If I find the answer to it in a previous post, I'll come back and delete it. But, How come some of the instruments (DNC Kick, DNC Crash, etc.) Are colored a bright red, and I can't hear them. I already went through and double checked all the sound settings. I can hear everything except for those red ones (DNC _____, is all I have seen them as) Is this a problem with setting up the sound? EDIT2:Okay, just thought I'd mention that the DNC instruments that weren't working for me are "instruments" in the Dance pack of soundfonts. There are also packs like Choir, and Basses. But they all load into the step sequencer RED also. And I put notes into the step seq., but still can't hear anything. I remember somehow helping someone fix this. Man...I'm so outta the loop. No pun intended.
  3. okay, since we wanna keep the discussion about fruity loops (assuming i haven't been trying to) why did i NOT know that i can't save my songs that use samples.... i have to register HOW MANY aspects of FL exactly??? and to totally enable this program, it costs how much? and *cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss* i lost an entire song except for one channel because my "sample importer/player" thingie was a demo version
  4. Okay LordMaestro, if i were to preface my question with: "I use fruity loops....and pracitcally have nothing else except for some goodies that i found for it, can i" etc etc etc. Skul, your right. But since it is a "request" thread and i didn't wanna request something. I wanted to learn to do it myself. I didn't think of it. But yea, I'll ask in there if anyone wants to give me suggestions on the most newbie-friendly and dynamic way of making my own little "samples" (not sure if thats what you call a piece of a song that you are stealing, and use for your own ends) i guess recognizing clipping should be asked in the "solution clipping" thread too huh. once again, i didnt think about doing that because the thread title isn't exactly what im looking for. and once again, since this thread had been so good for me in the past (with FL being the only asset i have) i usually turn here. but i have the novakill synths....is there a synth thread too? (i can hear it now..."dont ask, GO LOOK! tard") because i can't seem to find out how to use the novakills at all, as an effect, or an instrument. if you have some advice, i need more help than is out there, so i'd be grateful. if you wanna just shoo me off again, thats fine too. i dont really have time to sift through threads and write posts. *sigh* is there another forum i should know about dedicated to...... ("google, noob!") im just gonna go. bad night at work, as always...i just cant seem to figure out what makes the USPS so frustrating and stressful.
  5. okay, of course, as i know i was supposed to do from the get go. i went and found all the places to get soundfonts, and samples on my own. now that a month has gone by. thanks for the links, or at least the links to the links!!!! *sigh* anyway.... i forgizz you, ocr r my frend!! on to my newest question i wanna make my own samples, or soundfonts (not sure which i am referring to because i dont EXACTLY know the difference) and i wanna make them via mp3s or cds that i own. anyone do this on a regular basis? if so i sher cood youz a hand Edit: Btw, Beatdrop explained this to me once, but its been so long. What exactly is "clipping" and what is the cure for it, "Compression". Or from what i gather, that is one of the cures for it. And how to I recognize if my song has clipping in it (if that isn't already explained in your reply to what clipping is)
  6. (*fiddle with FL piano roll*) Okay! I KNOW, these notes have to be more flexible than this. My soundfonts are for CRAP! I need to be able to stretch them. A single note, not every note that is played with that instrument. Of course I could probably go the hard way and make an entirely new copy of that same instrument with the echo, or resonace juiced up to make the length of the note what i need. And then use that instrument solely for the purpose of that one note that I want stretched. But I figured you guys would know of a much easier way to do this. And, does anyone know of a soundfont place that stays current, and updated regularly (i.e. not one that was made a year and a half ago and hasn't been checked on since [broken links and whatnot]). It would also help if they're free. Since if they aren't I can't have them with the boatload of bills im gonna be gettin with this new town-house. P.S. I promise I'll eventually get around to whoring out my CableISP for the sake of helping getting this thread into a tutorial form.
  7. without cable and unemployment, i cant exactly look through all 81 pages of this thread... sew, has anyone made a FAQ out of this... and put it all in order of relativity? im getting cable soon... so if someone needs help, im usually quite easily entertained by monotonous tasks that other people find somewhat helpful but i could really use it myself
  8. Cool! I wondered for so long why this one wasn't getting accepted. I love it the first time i heard it. I was singing its praises 2 minutes into the song. And it just got better from there on out. I'm so glad this one made it. Anytime someone says "four on the floor" about anything, its gonna catch my attention. Just cuz I likes those kinda trannys . But considering I had heard this one a couple months ago, from your FTP, it has been a permanent part of my playlist. Highly reccomended track!
  9. Man, this one is all around good stuff. Not that any of THE winglesses stuff isn't. But this one just breaths starfox. I agree with DJP about this one being a picturesque soundtrack song. It really does sound like something you would find on the Starfox64 OST, if there was one. One thing that I especially like is how well the entire track was smoothed out. Sorry, i dont know the technical terminology, i'm probably talking about mastering, and dont know it. ANywho! Not only was the meat of this song very well done, but the wax/shine/polish job was just as well done, giving it that pretty NewRMX smell i give it 9/10 NiceWorkGuys :nicework: :nicework: :nicework: :nicework:
  10. whats the...... okay, i must be out of the loop which is fruity... FL Studio!? *goes directly to FL.com, do not pass go* btw....whats that "soundfont" (or whatever they are) webpage that I keep forgetting
  11. heh, i had that problem....often still do. now i've got an even more annoying problem. When I go to export a song into MP3, it will crap out on me, around 10%. I was gonna export one of the demo songs, XOR-AMZ or something like that, because my computer sucks (doesn't have enough power to listen to it through FL). anyone know why FL would just close 10% through an export into MP3? It has done this a couple times (every time I've exported into MP3 actually) which isn't often, because it takes me about 30 minutes to do one song. And if I even look at the monitor wrong, it will mess up.... I'll end up actually buying FL, but until I do, it would be kinda nice to have a functional version. speaking of version, mine is 3
  12. thanks for not being an ass about it... ye know, after you mentioned "link section" i felt really, really stupid. 'nuther question i ran into that stupid midiOUT problem again...this time i think its determined to not work. last time it was simply corrected, by assigning a port number to the midi out (there are three midi out things for me to select) and making sure each channel was set to that port#...but now, it doesnt matter what port# i assign, or what hardware I assign to through...or whether or not the channels are appropriated coordinated, it just wont work. Anybody know what could be the problem?
  13. i know i've asked this before, and that I could find the answers to this question previously stated, if i could sit here for an hour and sift through the forms (it would take me like 5 minutes if my connection wasn't 22.2kbps) and since this is a relatively painless question that i know quite of few of you could answer without batting an eyelash, i wont think too much about posting it again... where can I get some new instruments? i used to have the places bookmarked, and im sure i could find some with google or whatnot....but, its just such a drag having to wait so long to do so little. *ph33rs the flaming*
  14. use a live-recording track (an empty one) to do all your "live recording" on. Click the circle (record) button, then play....and tweak the knob when you see fit. Stop, turn off record, and play... If its not right, right-click the edited knob, on the live-recording track's channel. And tweak it through the event editor. *hopes he got that right(and not too confusingly said)*
  15. as for orion's Q, go under the options menu, and find audio, or midi out tab.....somewhere (youll know it when you see it) theres a port selector...make sure the midi out channel is set to the channel that that options screen is set to as for my question, damn...what WAS my question... well, while I try to remember what my decent question was...lemme ask this one... one thing I wanna do in one my songs, is make the melody, by picking (with one finger) the notes of the main melody, and then certain notes, I wanna have an upleading arpegiation to the actual note at its actual location, is there an easier way to do this besides learning how to drum-roll adeptly, the instrument pre-note, and then mess with the volume on the PR? I'll get back to you on the question that was bugging me
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